Diabetic Test Strips

Diabetic Test Strips allow people to monitor and measure blood sugar levels at home. It was first developed in 1965 and used in doctors’ offices; test strips have been available in the market since 1980 to take a blood sugar or glucose level reading.

You can insert the strip into the meter and apply a drop of blood with the help of a lancet needle that you can poke on the finger. Most meters show the reading within seconds. The meter can store data that you can show to the doctor or check yourself. These diabetic strips are now an essential part of diabetes management for most diabetic patients. But, more than 30% of T1Ds who now use continuous glucose monitors should still do finger stick tests to calibrate their monitors. However, the FDA does not need backup finger stick tests with some of the latest CGM machines.

I have come up with the following article that covers all the details about the diabetic test strip. Continue reading if you are thinking of buying it. However, if you already have a spare diabetic test strip and are thinking of selling it, cash now for test strips without any ado.

How does the Diabetic Test Strip Work?

If you are diagnosed with diabetes, you are probably familiar with it. You stick the test strip into the meter’s slot, poke the finger with the lancet, draw out a drop of blood, and put the blood to the edge of the strip. One end of the diabetic test strip also has a layer of chemicals; they soak up the blood like a sponge and turn the glucose into electricity.

The chemicals in the strip react with glucose to create an electric current, and electrons travel to the meter. It then determines how much glucose it needs to generate the amount of electricity. And after all this, your blood glucose level flashes on the screen.

Are diabetic test strips accurate?

It is a controversial topic over the years because some strips and meters are more accurate than others. There is a concern about the accuracy of the models that have been out on the market for years.
Overall, you can trust any glucose meter and strips to provide a result that is within 20% lab values. Therefore, they are not dangerous in any way, especially when you are not concerned about the precise insulin dose.

Do you need a prescription to buy diabetic test strips?

It is not required to have a prescription for buying the test strips over the counter. But a healthcare provider’s prescription is usually needed by insurers to cover specific brands of test strips.


Diabetic test strips are an easy method to test blood sugar or glucose levels. It is essential for diabetes patients. Knowing your blood sugar will help you to manage your condition. When you check your blood sugar levels regularly, you will get to know which foods, medicines, and activities affect your blood sugar either negatively or positively. You can also connect to our healthcare marketing service to know more about a wide range of products that you can avail for your health benefits.

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