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Developing A Safe Environment With Forklift Training On The Sunshine Coast

No matter what industry you are in, oil, gas or construction, every business and organisation deals with workplace accidents and injury. Forklifts are a popular piece of equipment that allows workers move substantial loads with ease and speed. 

Although they boast a number of safety features, Forklift trucks are powerful and hold the risk of accident and injury. Numerous studies have shown that extensive forklift training is crucial in reducing the number accidents at workplaces where forklifts are used. 

The Forklift – Indispensable But Dangerous

For many companies on the Sunshine Coast, forklift operation is necessary to keep business processes active and moving.

Forklift operation should not be taken lightly. It takes skill, practice, and extreme caution. An unskilled driver’s erroneous judgment or negligence might be the difference between a successful lift and catastrophic accidents and damage. 

The basic function of a forklift is the same, but each work environment will come with a unique set of hazards and circumstances that need to be successfully navigated. Adequate technical knowledge and hands on experience is crucial in ensuring optimal workplace health and safety, no matter the environment.

Forklift Training On The Sunshine Coast

Obtaining a forklift licence in Australia is different to other countries. Although the training process remains the same, the issuing authority is not. To obtain a Forklift ticket, trainees are required to enrol in a course offered by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

Sunshine Coast Forklift Training Consists of:

  • Plan and prepare work
  • Conduct preoperational checks
  • Safely operate a forklift
  • Load, carry and place materials
  • Shut down and secure forklift truck

Upon successful completion of a forklift course, participants will achieve a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment will be issued, indicating that the worker is competent and fully trained.

Ensure Workplace Safety With Superior Forklift Training

We understand that every workplace and industry is unique. As a dedicated, experienced team of trainers we adapt each course to the context of your industry to ensure optimal course understanding and knowledge retention. 

Completing training with HOST Safety Training, ensures that you receive the highest standard of education from the best trainers in the industry. From risks to local legislation, our passionate and knowledgeable trainers take participants through every aspect of forklift operation. 

Professional Training from Sunshine Coast’s Best

HOST Safety and Training provide world-class, industry leading Forklift Training Sunshine Coast solutions designed to give participants the knowledge, experience and confidence needed to successfully conduct forklift activities.

As a family-founded RTO, with 30 years of experience in the mining, oil and construction industries, we provide superior training and safety consultation services for individuals and organisation – large and small.

We partner with you to meet your education needs and exceed your safety targets. From training to certification, we strive to provide superior, reliable training and education services that benefit you, your workers and your organisation. 

Boost your career opportunities today with Forklift training on the Sunshine Coast.

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