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Designing a lawn sprinkler system-unique installation tips



lawn sprinkler

Whether you’re interested in landscaping, you like gardening, but you don’t have much time to water your plants or lawns, you can create your own sprinkler system and choose to design your own lawn sprinkler system. Sure, you may be rethinking about doing it yourself, but you really have good resources on the technical stuff you need to learn to make your own lawn sprinkler system. You can find the manual.

If you are looking for design options for lawn sprinklers systems, here are the basic types to choose from. Of course, your choice depends on the size of your lawn, the type of soil, and the layout of your lawn or garden.

Fixed lawn sprinklers are ideal for small lawns and gardens and are generally cheaper. Coverage also depends on the hole at the top of the sprinkler. Rotary sprinklers or rotary sprinklers are equipped with a rotating arm, but this type may have a small throw radius and is not suitable for sand or slopes.

For watering, you can also choose a vibration type with high coverage. Since these are mostly adjustable, this is also a common choice and suitable for large areas. In addition, there is a pulsating sprinkler that can disperse water in a large area near the ground and can withstand strong winds. This type is also adjustable and can be adjusted to suit your lawn needs.

You can also choose to design an underground lawn sprinkler system that is suitable for large areas and can evenly cover the water distribution in the garden. You can also program the water on a regular basis. This can be costly if an expert chooses to install it, but you can actually find a good guide to help you install it yourself and save up to 40% of the cost.

If you choose to install your own lawn sprinkler, here are some of the considerations you need to consider when designing and installing your own lawn sprinkler system:

These are some tips to help you get started with your own lawn sprinkler design installation. As long as you have a good guide to put it down, you can actually make yourself and save a lot from doing it for yourself from others.

Garden hose reel which your  require

Not only are garden hose reels very practical, but they can also improve the look of your garden.  By that. This also helps prevent it from being damaged or becoming an obstacle in the garden. This is several types of garden hose reel available to suit different needs.

Wall-mount hose reel

As the name implies, the wall mount style is usually wall mount just next to or directly above the faucet. They are usually provided in either decorative metal or heavy plastic. Some of them even have garden hose accessories like sprayers, or shelves, or even small storage compartments where you can keep other small gardening or watering items at hand.

If not retractable, there is a handle or crank used to wind up the hose and store it neatly.

Retractable hose reel

Retractable or automatic reels do the job for you. They generally use batteries, electricity, or hydraulic power to retract the water hose, most use rechargeable batteries. These are great for people who are struggling with this task, especially if they are due to physical limitations or back pain.

They can be wall-mounted, ground-mounted, or portable.

Garden hose cart

This option gives you the flexibility to move the entire unit to different faucets in the yard. If you have larger properties with multiple spigots, they can be great.

Some of these also come with shelves or baskets that allow you to carry small lawns and gardening tools around the garden with you.

When buying a garden hose reel, be sure to choose the right hose size for both your feet and diameter or the size of the hose you already have in your garden. Regular use of such hose storage will help organize your garden and make it look good.

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Improve Lending Efficiency With A Credit Origination Software



Do you understand the meaning of loan origination? Well, this is a procedure where a particular borrower applies for the desired loan option, and a lender either accepts it or rejects the loan application. The entire procedure consists of every single step from filling in the application correctly to loan disbursement, accepting or rejecting the borrower’s application. Therefore, the system of automating and managing the loan application in the right manner is known to be the procedure of credit origination software system.

The origination software differs depending on the type of loan a borrower is opting for. For example, the procedure for personal loans is different from mortgage loans. After loan origination, it is basically the servicing procedure that takes place. This is where everything from disbursement to the repayment is included. Next, the loan origination software and procedure can also differ from one organization to another.

The loan origination procedure is basically a daunting one. In order to experience a successful one, the borrower needs to make sure that the documentation procedure takes place in the right manner. About thirty five to forty days are taken to complete the entire procedure. Therefore, it is specifically because of the loan document software that the procedures take place faster and no time is wasted.

Understanding the stages of loan origination

A number of stages are fulfilled before the procedure  is completed. The initial stages are vital for better customer experience. In addition to this, keep in mind that the procedure will surely differ from one lender to another which is why you need not get confused anywhere. The important steps of the procedure are as follows:

  • Pre-qualification: Also, known as pre screening this is the very first stage of loan origination procedure. Here is when the lender will determine the eligibility of the one applying for the loan. Some essential documents have to be submitted to the lender by the borrower in this stage including an ID proof such as a government card or passport. Secondly, any certificate that explains the current income should also be submitted. Along with it, a bank statement is also required.

After the borrower has submitted all these documents, the lender will verify them. In order to complete the verification, the lenders make use of the best origination software and avoid all the unwanted hassle.

  • Application: During this stage, the borrower provides suitable information in order to request a loan. The lender makes note of all the information and then moves forward with the procedure. Well, the application procedure involves so much paperwork which is primarily why they have swapped to digital portals. It is because of these portals that application procedures are completed in no time. The borrowers need not wait for a longer period of time.

Once both of these steps are completed, the procedure is over and the loan is either dispersed or rejected. Everything depends on the application of the loan and the documents a borrower submits. So make a smart move as a borrower.

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How to Make Huge Money with Totally Automated Crypto Trading Robots.



“Bitcoin will be a bigger thing than Internet, the iron age and the renaissance. Even greater than the industrial revolution. It will affect the entire world, with greater influence than anyone would ever think.”

Tim Draper venture capitalist told these to CNBC, who thinks that Bitcoin is going to be worth up to $250,000. Tim Draper has successfully foreseen the rise of Tesla and Skype – now he considers Bitcoin as the biggest business.

They asked the investor, whether compared to Tesla, Hotmail and Skype, where he entered as an early investor, how big success does he expect from Bitcoin, and his answer was: “Bigger than all of them.”

According to the expert, Bitcoin will be worth $250k within some years.

That’s why I tell You NOT to miss this opportunity!

Learn everything about cryptocurrencies:

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No problem, if You are an absolute beginner, (without any skill) You will also understand it all and do the same, since everything is introduced in great detail!

✔ I’ll Show You How to Make Huge Money with Totally Automated Crypto Trading Robots.

It as a Completely Passive Money-Making Method.

✔ I reveal what kind of secrets methods and tricks extremely rich people use to multiply their money using cryptocurrencies. You can also apply these methods, even if You have very minimal initial capital!

✔ I show You 2 methods that give You Bitcoin for FREE. Yes, that’s right, You can get Bitcoin FREE of charge. Virtually nobody knows these methods, although they do exist and work!

✔ I show You what are those 4 things that are used to scam You regarding cryptocurrencies.

✔ I drive You into the world of cryptocurrencies.

✔ I show You how to use the main information sites of cryptocurrencies.

✔ I show You how to store Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies safe & secure.

✔ I show You how You can buy & sell cryptocurrencies.

✔ I show You the cryptocurrency stock exchange I use to make You buy & sell smaller altcoins.

✔ In addition, I describe a lot of information and topics about cryptocurrencies in the training system.

✔ You can start making money within 24 hours according to the training system.

✔ Only simple methods are introduced that require minimal time and work very well.

✔ Unlimited Free Updates: I’m continuously updating the training, and all updates will be available free of charge. The last update was on:

✔ BONUS #1 (value $97): ULTRA-PASSIVE INCOME: I have put into the package such an amazing easily method that will help You make money with cryptocurrencies ULTRA PASSIVELY.

✔ BONUS #2 (value $147): SURPRISE BONUS: You will know laser-precisely after learning the method, what to do in a specific market condition. You will know when to buy, when to sell and when to keep a certain cryptocurrency.

You won’t be influenced by news that extremely affect the market for a short period anymore.

So this amazing method will support You to make really high profit with cryptocurrencies.


This special edition of ‘Crypto Ultimatum’ (with bonuses) will be removed from the market VERY SOON.

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Must-know Social Media Promotional Plans for Omni Businesses



If I tell you there are some clever social media promotion tactics you haven’t used till now, certainly that would be surprising for you. If you don’t promote your business or brand over social media you’re losing a large chunk of your potential customers since the majority use “screens”. 

According to research, if you interact with your audience or customers, it would generate leads; create awareness and definitive loyalty. If you want to take digital media promotions to the next-level let’s give this article a read.

1.   Your Brand Prominence Is the Key

A promotional strategy to the social media promotion is to establish brand loyalty. When it comes to brand loyalty you can let people know about your environmental and charitable commitments. The more you show the more you’re telling the insight about your brand.

2.   Entice More Customers

The first and foremost reason for promotion is to let new people know about your brand. For social media promotion you have a better opportunity to retract people since nearly 44% of users prefer screens to look for a particular product, service or quarry. But how will you do that? Certainly by providing quality that is unmatchable! Also don’t forget that quality should not be compromised so that older customers don’t follow you.

3.  Generate Leads and Sales Using Gifts

Another Proven promotion tip for social media is to generate more leads and sales. Now people use more social media than they have ever used. For promotional and advertising purposes you can get free gifts, contests, giveaways and simple presents that can woo your customers. This is one of the most alluring and result-oriented strategies to turn your visitors into buyers. You can create your brand awareness by that as well.

4.  Choose Outside Of Business Hours

If you upload content when your audience is inactive do you think it would work positively? So if you want people to see your product promoted when buyers are active. Upload outside the business hours. With the use of tools and assisting media you can schedule your posts to upload at premium and right time. One such tool is SocialPilot. One the other hand, if you don’t use tools for whatever reason, think realistically. People are more likely to check out your brand when they have dinner and that is your pick!

5.  Don’t Underestimate Competitors

If you lack proper research about your competitors, social media promotion can face poor outcomes. If you are trying out everything to stand out but still lagging behind, keenly reverse what kind of posts they make and the strategy they are opting for. Research is the key factor to enhance your promotional approach.

6.   se the design to grab Attention

Every brand has a logo or a protocol design that represents it. If you don’t have one, make one. Afterwards when you have a signature mascot you can over your social media account to let people know about that. Moreover, a logo is a better way to be memorable in people’s minds.

7.  Use Magic Keywords

There are some words people instantly fall for. If you aren’t using them so far you should. If you use these keywords social media promotion instantly becomes more productive and result-oriented. Make 100% sure that your content on the website and on your social media should go side-by-side and match. Some of the important magic keywords are;

·        Sale

·       Free

·       Offers

·       Discount

·     Giveaways

8. Digestible Video-Clip

Shot video clips that showcase your motive effortlessly do much more marketing and promotion than any other thing. Video content marketing is certainly a dominating approach. It might need some investment but when you’ll see the satisfying results it would be beyond anticipation. Prefer bite-size videos clips for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

 9. Co-marketing for Promotion

Another powerful idea for social media promotion only ClickFirstSMM is telling is, co-marketing. If you choose to team-up with another brand or co-marketing it would be the most beneficial collaboration. In this strategy each brand gets its exposure and with social media things get faster, easier and more responsive. Always partners with brands that are not competitors yet have similar audiences.


Today, we shed some light on the social media promotional tips that are for all kinds of businesses. Pick up your favorite strategy and think out of the box to explore more online advertising ways.

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Visual Artist Rey Rey Rodriguez Sets His Sights On Meta’s Metaverse




The graphic art of South Florida entrepreneur and visual artist Rey Rey Rodriguez will soon enter the Metaverse.   

With the recent announcement of the social media giant Facebook changing it’s name to Meta, came the announcement of the all-new Metaverse.  It’s being hailed as the next big thing for the future of social media, and described as a virtual world where anyone can work, play, socialize, and share art.  While it’s still in its’ beta stages, excited fans everywhere await its’ arrival and are all already planning out who they’ll become, what they’ll do, what they’ll create, and how they’ll profit in this land of VR.  Meta has given access to a select group of artists and creators to have their work uploaded into the Metaverse, for users to see and interact with.

Although better known for his photography, Rey Rey Rodriguez’s contribution to this new platform will consist of a series of virtual graffiti art pieces.  Rodriguez states, “My artwork will be displayed throughout the walls within the virtual world and will animate upon user interaction. I have always been a big fan of Facebook and it’s sister company Instagram.  I have no doubt that the Metaverse will be one of the biggest advances in interactive technology.  A virtual place, where anyone and everyone can meet and hang out with new people from all over the world, no matter where they are.  It’s a huge honor for me to be a part of it in any way.”

Rey Rey Rodriguez is set to enter the Metaverse sometime between February – March of 2022.  

For more information and updates follow Rey Rey Rodriguez on Social Media everywhere: @themindofreyrey, and visit the official website of The Mind of Rey Rey®: 

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5 Digital Marketing Mistakes You Should Stop Doing and How To Fix It



If you’re wondering why you aren’t getting the right response from your marketing strategy, it’s probably you are doing it altogether wrong. Digital marketing is one of those businesses where you need to be precise and highly vigilant. You need core skills or else there are chances you won’t get positive feedback.

Here on Jumpto1, we are shedding light on those top common mistakes that almost everybody is commenting on. While there are so many ways and strategies of marketing be it content marketing, SEO or paid advertising the chances of errors become grave. Today we will not only highlight the top 5 mistakes but also give you the solution to avoid it. So are you ready to know more, read on!

1.    Wrongly Targeted Audience

It sounds quite ridiculous that you don’t even know your audience however unknowingly or lack of preciseness result in wrongly targeted customers. This is one of the biggest blunders in digital marketing that brings horrible results. Know that “everyone is not for everything”. If you want more traffic do not target everyone. Usually, marketers think more people and audience brings the right conversion rate, however it defames your brand. Certainly, you don’t want people to be let down by your service or product. To avoid money and effort you need to;


Test and research properly so that you get to the ideal customers. Finding the right audience or buyer takes time and strategies and checks out the interest of your potential customer. You can make marketing personas keeping your previous customers in mind. Mostly these persons (fictional profiles) are based on information such as:

  • Hobbies
  • Interests
  • Buying habits
  • Demographics

2.    Overlooking your Web Design

In search of buyers and marketing strategies, mostly digital marketers neglect the website design. When you’re working online, user-friendly design and the best user interface is all that you need. It’s a blunder that can instantly result in loss of audience. Certainly the user can slip from your web while other options are just a scroll away.


For digital marketing the website should NEVER be unresponsive or anything that comes under bad design. Proper optimized web can drastically increase UX. To solve the website’s bad design, carefully check out all the CTAs, a search bar, pictures, a shopping cart, and many more such things. To highlight major factor make sure your website is

  • Responsive for smartphones, each and every page, category and section is super-easy to navigate on mobiles. Also the pages should be well-fit for smaller screens.
  • Fastest- load timings. Nobody likes a website that takes time to load. Nicely compress all images, videos and GIFs so that the user gets absolute responsiveness.
  • Lastly, the website should be easy to navigate. With proper CTAs, also test the site’s navigational structure and check out many versions to pick the best one.

3.    Using Too Many Strategies at a Time

Using too much of anything is not a good way and for digital marketing, it is considered one of the most foolish mistakes. For digital marketing, if you use more and more strategies and plans to get to the results, each of the DM strategies would get ignored, for obvious reasons. Besides, when you run websites taking time out for each marketing plan isn’t possible.


To solve this marketing blunder, you should lean on experts. You can also opt for a marketing partnership approach.

4.    Inefficient use of Social Media

Digital marketing means to use the digital platform for ace marketing. But many marketers forget to use social media campaigns as a way of online advertising. If your buyers or customers are on social media platforms and you’re not there, you are losing the leads and conversions and much more.


The solution to this digital marketing mistake is simple: start using social media marketing. However, choose the right platform. To do that you should know which platform your to-be buyers use the most. Social media marketing lets your brand appear in the targeted newsfeed and hence chances become grave to get the right response.

5.    Having No Blog

Many digital businesses do not have blogs of their own. This is a common marketing mistake that prevents the anticipated results. And if any business does own a blog they don’t post content on regular-basis to keep customers updated.


  • The solution is to have a blog and publish content regularly
  • Produce quality content to educate people about your service/product
  • Talk to your audience to know more and build trust
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