Designer Saree: Must for Every Women Wardrobe

India has a rich history of clothing for women, every culture and religion have their own theories about sarees. India is such a diverse country in terms of clothing as well but one thing which you will find common in every Indian woman’s wardrobe is a saree. Saree is the oldest garment for women and has been worn by the ladies even before the invention of thread and needles. A saree is a simple long piece of cloth that is draped around the body in different styles and ways. The simplicity of sarees leaves vast scope for creativity and innovation.

In the 21st century, a saree is a fashion statement in itself, it’s so versatile that it gives the designers a whole lot of room to play with it. Today sarees are so popular that everyone who wants to make a statement wears a saree. There are various designer sarees wholesale dealers in the market who sell a variety of sarees from which you can choose the right one for you. These designer sarees wholesale dealers deal in different types of sarees and have a huge collection of all types of fabrics and patterns.

What makes Sarees so versatile and essential in women’s clothing?

These sarees come in different fabrics and designs which makes it convenient for the ladies to choose according to their needs and requirements. The purpose and occasion are the major basis on which you decide what type of saree will be perfect for you. If you have to go to a wedding or any function then you buy something fancy with a lot of work and embroidery in a very rich fabric. While on the other hand, if you are looking for some daily wear then you go with something in light fabrics like cotton with minimal prints and designs.

The choice of fabric and design of a saree also depends on the taste and preference of the buyer, some women prefer to wear a particular fabric or design while some are very experimental. Chanderi, Banarsi, Slik, Uppada, etc are some types of sarees that come in a particular type of fabric, design, and pattern. They also have a particular making process for example Uppada sarees originated in the Uppada district of the East Godavari region of Andhra Pradesh. They are a special type of sarees made of silk with a very unique way of manufacturing done by the craftsmen of the region. The artisans make these pieces of art with so much creativity which makes them a very demanding commodity in the market. There are various Uppada sarees wholesale dealers and distributors who deal in the distribution of these sarees all over the world.

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