Designer Ceiling Fan Buying Guide: What to Look for And How To Buy

Buying designer ceiling fans can be tricky. With so many styles and designs available online and in stores, choosing the one that will suit your space and personal preferences can be difficult.

Whether you are remodelling your house or simply planning to replace your existing ceiling fans, it is important to invest in fans that prove to be a true value for money. 

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We bring you a list of factors that you must consider while buying a designer ceiling fan:

  1. Air Delivery

The total amount of air that your ceiling fan can move directly impacts the level of its performance and function. Airflow is measured in CMM, and ideal air delivery is recognised at 215-235 CMM. Designer ceiling fans not only cool the room, but help the air circulate better. When the air is circulated well throughout a room, the room temperature is easily brought down. 

  1. Sweep Size of the Blades

Ceiling fan blade sweep refers to the total distance around the circle the blades create as they turn. Designer ceiling fans that come with higher sweep mean that they can deliver more air, but the area of airspeed determines their efficiency. A fan that comes with a sweep size of 1200 mm is considered to be an ideal choice for a small room while, for a bigger room, you can use a ceiling fan with a sweep size ranging between 1200 mm-1400 mm or try using multiple ceiling fans. 

  1. Correct Room Size

Room size plays a crucial role when you are shopping for designer ceiling fans. The square footage of a room determines how big the fan should be to get proper and sufficient air circulation. Using a meter stick or a tape, you can easily measure the dimensions of your room and then choose the blade span accordingly. The following table with below-mentioned dimensions will be handy.

Sweep Size/Fan SizeRoom SizeRoom type
600mm /900mm sweepLess than 50 square feetSmall Bathrooms/Powder Rooms, Utility Rooms, Walk in Cabinets, Narrow Long Balconies, Small Puja nooks, Narrow Longish kitchens. 
900mm/1050mm sweep50 to 75 square feetFull Bathrooms, kitchens, Study Rooms, Single Bedrooms, Office Rooms, Wider balconies, Regular Puja Rooms.
1200mm sweep75 to 160square feetBedrooms, Dining Rooms, Living Rooms, Studios 
1400mm sweep 160 to 250square feetLarge rooms: if room is of almost square configuration.
2 fans of 1050mm or 1200 mm sweeps160 to 250square feetLarge rooms If the room is a rectangle or L shaped.
  1. RPM of a Fan

RPM stands for the total number of Revolutions Per Minute. RPM means how quickly the blades of a ceiling fan spin at a given speed. The faster the blades spin with the right blade pitch, the faster they can push air and produce an immediate cooling effect due to evaporation. To achieve the best airflow of a designer ceiling fan, you should buy a ceiling fan that comes with multiple different speed settings ranging from low to high. 

  1. Choose the Number of Blades

Designer ceiling fans usually come with- three, four and five blades. A ceiling fan with three blades is considered to be more effective and an efficient choice for cooling. 

Shop for the Best Designer Ceiling Fans

These are some of the factors that will be helpful in buying a designer ceiling fan for your home. Explore options from premium brand like Luminous. They offer a wide range of designer ceiling fans with different types of functionalities, types, colours and finishes in addition to best-in-class performance.

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