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Design Experts Introduced New Ways of Packaging Food

The packaging of food is always in evolution since its inception. Various designs have been introduced, along with different shapes and colors. But it seems that designers will never get tired of producing new ideas and innovations.

If you travel to a store, then you will look at many new types of packaging in the food section. You will witness fantastic paper boxes with amazing graphics. It’s the work of design experts.

For informing you, design experts introduced new ways in 2019. We will describe the core ideas. So, you can have an overview of recent developments in food boxes to go.

We recommend you to read this post entirely. It will amuse you. So, you must keep reading further.

Recent developments in food boxes

There are many innovations in food packaging in the last year. But we will describe the dominant ideas. So, you must keep reading further.


Famous design experts kept introducing new packaging in the industry. But one thing remains common, and that is flexibility. Many brands changed their food boxes into flexible packaging for the customer. One common addition was holding-strip in boxes. So, a customer does not have to hold the box completely in hand. But the strip allows the customer to hold the package by his fingers.

The second most common addition was the holding handles. Many brands that are selling boxed food introduced holding handles in their packaging. It made the handling of food into a more convenient chore.

The third most common addition that increased flexibility is the introduction of extra lamination on the packaging. The fact is if a food box drops on the floor, then it breaks from any point, which compromises the quality. That’s why design experts added an extra layer of lamination that helped the box food company to have better protection from damages.

The power of purple

The purple color has proven effects on the masses. If a person sees anything purple, then he/she is compelled to take action. And if this happens in a retail store, then it is always the purchase decision. That’s why design experts used this tactic in the packaging.

Many brands introduced their food products and liquid products in a purple color. And an increase in sales was witnessed.

Last year, the purple theme remained dominant in European markets. And it is expected that more brands will adopt this tactic and introduce more products in purple color.

Vibrant graphics

Graphics on the packaging play an essential role in sales. It is a known fact. That’s why every brand hires exceptional graphic designers for creating fantastic graphics.

Last year, many design experts chose to introduce new graphics in the packaging. Not only graphics but vibrant graphics.

This tactic remained successful. And many brands witnessed an increase in sales. If you are a product owner, then we advise you to make your graphics vibrant. So, your customer can feel a connection with your product. It’s is a sure way to succeed.

Oxygen absorbers

Oxygen is a reactive gas that decreases the quality of food. If food boxes remain exposed to oxygen for a long time, then there will change in the composition of the food. That’s why design experts handled this problem with wisdom and introduced oxygen absorbers in the packaging.

Many food companies installed oxygen-absorbing bags in the food packaging. This trick is new in the packaging world. But it is a successful thing.

Barrier coatings

Many gases harm the quality of food. That’s why it is required to stop gases from entering the packaging. Food companies used lamination techniques to make the packaging air-tight. But this trick never works for a long time. That’s why designers introduced barrier coatings on food packaging. These coatings stop all gases from entering the box. This way, food becomes safer with respect to quality.

Replacement of aluminum foil

Food companies used aluminum foils for packaging food. It is practiced since the dawn of food packaging. But designers replaced it with metalized films. One of the most-used film is Toray film. It is cost-effective and works better than aluminum foil.

Many brands in Europe have opted for metalized films. And it is expected that it will replace aluminum foil permanently.

Wrap up

We have described new developments by design experts in food boxes. With the passage of time, there will be more innovations. We hope that new developments provide the best quality for consumers. Have a good day, and work towards your success.

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