Department of Food and Drug Administration

Department of Food and Drug Administration, Laos Statement

Recently, a large number of patients have inquired about the authenticity of drugs listed in Laos. Our official response regarding this matter is as follows:

At present, the approved pharmaceutical factories in Laos include:

  1. Pharmaceutical FACTORY NO. 2
  2. Pharmaceutical FACTORY NO. 3
  3. Tongmeng (Lao) Pharmaceutical & Food Co., Ltd.
  4. Laos Alliance Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.
  5. Boten Elemento PHARMA
  6. CBF Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd
  8. KPN Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd

Apart from the above-mentioned pharmaceutical companies, all other companies, namely Binanta Pharmaceuticals, Celine Pharmaceuticals and Daxiong Pharmaceuticals, are not legally approved and are producing counterfeit products. Complete information of all registered drugs in Laos can be inquired on the official website of the Laos Drug Administration:

It is strongly recommended to always confirm the legitimacy of the pharmaceutical factory when purchasing related drugs in order to safeguard the health and safety of patients.

Department of Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Health, Laos

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