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Sometimes people pay money to be tortured properly. For example, they buy a PlayStation 5 console for this launch title. According to rumors, the cult game of 2009 was supposed to get a remake back on the PS4, but its development was delayed, and the re-release turned out to be almost the only true PS5 exclusive on the day of the console’s release. The original  Demon’s Souls  spawned a new souls-like subgenre , in which the Japanese studio F95zone From Software has been setting trends for over a decade. But the remake, alas, was not created by her, and Hidetaka Miyazaki did not work on the game – and without the name of this game designer it is impossible to imagine a purebred souls game. At least it was not possible before.


The re-creation of the great Japanese game from scratch was handled by the Texas studio Bluepoint Games – it employs the reprints, re-releases and other “re” masters who were previously responsible for the remake of Shadow of the Colossu s , as well as the remasters of Gravity Rush and the Metal Gear Solid series . In short, the guys are reliable and experienced, who succeeded this time too. They not only recreated in detail the game of eleven years ago on a new generation of iron, but also managed to bring much-needed convenience and a modern look to it. Let’s start with him.  

Demon’s Souls looks great graphically , but it seems there is nothing in it that would hurt to release the game also on PS4. – except for purely marketing reasons. The authors provided two graphics modes: with an emphasis on the picture and cinematography, but with a reduced frame rate and slight slowdowns with complex graphic effects, as well as an option with an emphasis on performance, in which everything is not so beautiful, and the corpses disappear soon after death, but in 60 fps. You can switch at any time from the menu. The fantastic environment effects are worthy of credit. If we are talking about the white fog that enveloped the kingdom of Boletaria, then its viscousness can be felt almost physically. If you saw the fire from the dragon flame and remained alive, then enjoy how beautifully the local fortifications of the castle are fried with the flesh of mindless zombies – dreglings. But as the game progresses, it is still difficult to shake off the feeling thatThe PS4 Pro could handle all the needs of Demon’s Souls without a problem .

Like all the other games in the line, Demon’s Souls is an action adventure with a clear emphasis on exploring an unfriendly world, where even a group of the weakest enemies can stutter our magnificent protagonist savior in a few seconds. The game will definitely not obey the lazy, and already the second boss is able to give a light to even those who played a lot in ordinary action-adventure projects , for example, HuniePop 2 . The Dark Souls trilogy has its own philosophy, and the authors of the remake did not break it, adding any “crutches” for not the most skillful gamers or a mode of reduced difficulty. About him, by the way, Bluepoint thought for a long time, but in the end, the studio did not make exceptions – even for the sake of a re-release, aimed at a much wider audience than the original game of 2009.

Despite the rather painstaking adherence to the original, a couple of new things were added to Demon’s Souls – for example, a room with a special set of armor, which no one could get into for a long time and which was not in the original. Or other small conveniences like the ability to immediately choose how many souls or medicines the hero uses. In the original, we recall that you had to eat everything by the piece. And  Bluepoint has done a  fantastic job with the sound. For example, the player will have to constantly listen to the heavy and choppy breathing of a knight running around in a heavy set of medieval armor. Such a seemingly trifle interestingly affects the atmosphere and allows you to believe in the character more strongly. Athletes often admit that during sparring they only remember the sound of their own “breath”.

After defeating the first boss in the game, all paths and all additional worlds in the amount of five pieces are opened. Moving between them is carried out using obelisks (or arcstones), an analogue of bonfires from the Dark Souls trilogy . At the beginning of the game, we are told about six obelisks, which became the six key zones of the kingdom of Boletaria. In the original Demon’s Souls, the sixth arkstone was a carved world – a snowy area owned by northern giants. 


Nevertheless, Demon’s Souls addictive atmosphere. Enemies-freaks with an updated appearance, such as the Old Hero or the Arbiter, now cause even more disgust, and the locations are really gloomy, they breathe a hopelessness that gripped the once great Boletaria. In my opinion, Demon’s Souls will not be the best introduction to the series, because Dark Souls Remastered or Dark Souls 3 are still perfect for this . But the remake nevertheless improved the noticeably outdated game, without breaking anything except the interface and small things, noticeable mainly by hardcore players. The bottom line is the same game from 2009, beautifully recreated in a modern wrapper.

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