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Delicious Details – 5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Home-Cooked Meals

You don’t need professional training to become a better home cook. There are so many small and easy tweaks and swaps you can make to cook tastier meals for your family right at home. To prove this point, here are five simple ways to improve your home-cooked meals: 

1.Improve Your Tools

Have your non-stick pans become all-stick pans? Are your salads ‘extra chunky’ because you can only get so far with your blunt knives? By investing in the best induction cookware, knives, pans, and kitchen tools you set yourself up for success and instantly give yourself an easy way to improve your home-cooked meals. As a bonus, you will quickly discover how much more fun cooking is when you have tools that work well. 

2.Put A Halt To Rubbish Salt

All food needs seasoning to bring out its flavor, but did you know that switching the salt you use could instantly improve your food? If you currently use table salt, it could be time to swap it out for something else. 

Table salt is taken from underground salt deposits and tends to go through more processing than sea salt, which is made from evaporated seawater. Although sea salt gets promoted as being a healthier option, science tells us that the nutritional values of both types of salt are around the same. The difference is more related to flavor. 

Table salt tends to taste more metallic, chemical-like, and flat. It usually also has an anti-caking agent added, which can tarnish the flavor. Sea salt, Himalayan pink salt, or kosher salt all offer a more well-rounded mineral flavor that is subtle yet delightful 

3.Sauté Sparingly

When you sauté anything at all, it is important to leave some room between the food to allow for good browning. Too much food in the pan makes the temperature dip which can lead to lots of steam and a soggy result. For deliciously browned veggies or meat, sauté in small batches. 

4.Splash Something Acidic On Your Food At The End

One of the easiest ways to lift a stew, clear soup, dessert, or curry before serving is to splash some lemon or vinegar on it. Our palettes crave that tang as the sharp hit balances out rich, deeper flavors. If you feel like your dishes are always bland or over-sauced, this simple trick may be the solution you’ve been craving. Try it once, and if you like the results, explore other recipes that can be enhanced by a splash of lemon, lime, or vinegar. 

5.Let Happiness Lead Your Cooking

Many cooks and chefs will tell you that food is better when it is cooked with happiness and love. They say you can taste the good vibes when you eat. 

Though this may sound sentimental, it is a line of thinking that has been around for centuries, permeating many religious practices and ancient philosophies. In Ayurveda, an Indian alternative medicine system, food is considered a manifestation of consciousness due to the belief that we are not only ingesting the nutrition but the emotions that were put into it. We are intrinsically connected to how we nourish our bodies. 

Why not try cooking with your family or making food whilst listening to your favorite album? There’s every reason that food could taste better because it was made with smiles and happiness. 

“A recipe has no soul. You as the cook must bring soul to the recipe.” – Thomas Keller 

Using the tips above you can easily improve your home-cooking, making delicious, nutritious food with your family every day. 

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