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Definitive Guide On Securing An Accounts Job In Bangalore

Why is accounting an important part of handling an enterprise ranging from small-scales to the large-scales ones. Accounting initiates maximum business and managerial operations effortlessly. It helps the business associates to keep a regular check on operations like: income and expenditures, keep a uniform statutory compliance rate, and offer a clear view to the prospective investors, company’s management block, and the government with measured and factful financial data, implied in mankind business-related decisions. Keep reading the article to know more about the accounts job in Bangalore. 

Accounts jobs in Bangalore: a flexible guide

Accounting: an intrinsic part of the business operations.

1.   Staff Accountant 

If you are looking for an accounts job in Bangalore, then opting for the staff accountant position is the most robust way to pitch in for. The primary job of a person under this designation is to safeguard and upkeep the financial records and important budgets of a company to avoid data leaks and information. The staff accountant works under the licensed Controller or Certified Public Accountant (CPA). You will be capable of earning a wholesome amount of $54,662 (approximately) per annum. As a staff accountant you will have to revise the journal entries into the accounting set-up and ascertain cent percent accuracy in the data.

2.   Tax Accountant

Tax Accountant is the most sought after accounts job in Bangalore. From earning a whopping $63,499 (approximately), you can inscribe a better profile in this industry. The core duty of this post is to offer tax model buildup tips to the organization and ensure to file their pending taxes flawlessly. You will need to save more and keep a track of the financial records. You have to make sure that the company must abide by the federal, state and local rules of paying taxes.

3.   Payroll Accountant

While jumping into the world of accounts and management, an accounts job in Bangalore as a payroll accountant will bring you a lot more incentives and returns. $57,526 (approximately) is the basic pay of this designation. A payroll accountant should effectively carry out business operations and maintain cooperation through different channels of the organisation. They note and report all the financial movements of each employee from the company in accordance with the local,federal and state government rules. As a                   payroll accountant you will have to ensure that the correct amount of taxes have been deducted from the paycheck of the employees.

4.   Auditor

One of the highly recommended and viable accounts job in Bangalore is of an auditor.

The average salary of an auditor is approximately $57,661 per year. Being an auditor, you will have to review and rectify financial sheets and make them perfect to be entered in the accountancy data system. There are two mainly two types of auditor: internal auditor and external auditor. An internal auditor is responsible for handling scheduled and frequent audits to maintain the internal policy guidelines and derive conclusions and recommendations for developing the policies. Whereas if you opt for a job of an external auditor, you will be recognised as a CPA, who will carry out company audits, conduct on-site surveys and make a basic audit plan catering the same.

5.   Account Associates

Account associates is yet another popularly identified accounts job in Bangalore. The base pay, calculated on average basis of the person holding this designation is  $45,957 approximately. The primary work, as an account associate will be to uphold responsibilities of offering support to the different tiers of the management black from seniors to their subordinates. They are one of the important staff in the group of accountants. 

6.   Financial Accountant

With the average basic salary of $63,787 per annum approximately, the post of a financial account is a fruitful accounts job in Bangalore. Being a holder of this designation you will have to ascertain that the daily transactions are recorded and thereafter reported with no flaws attached. You will have to engage in the management of the ledger, filling journal entries and checking these entries to avoid errors. Secondly, they also make sure that the documentation of the tax information is drafted accurately to prevent a dispersal of confidential information. The duties and responsibilities of this post are limitless, therefore the scope rhetorically escalates at the optimum level. 

7.   Account Executives

Working as an account executive you will be able to perform the sales function. The duties count in the development of the existing customers accounts. An executive will help to maintain the old records and make the latest ones with added details chronologically. You may also work directly in collaboration with the company’s sales executive, account managers etc. Precisely, you will be placed under the higher-level leadership roles. You can earn up to $68,042 approximately while working for established manufacturing entities.

These are the well researched recommendations of accounting jobs that you can find in the Bangalore region. Choose the ideal one catering to your expertise and interest areas.

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