Deejayup: The Newest Must Have App for All DJs

Are you a DJ tired of pounding the pavement looking for work? Are you tired of not being able
to find the right ways to be heard? Then, let Deejayup do the work for you! Deejayup directly
connects you with companies and consumers looking to hire you. From there, Deejayup allows
you to create contracts seamlessly. If you’re a DJ looking for work or looking for a better way to
manage your career, then Deejayup is the app for you!

What is Deejayup?

Deejayup is an app created for DJs by DJs. Deejayup directly connects DJs with consumers.
Deejayup allows DJs to reach out to companies hiring DJs long-term or individual consumers
looking for a DJ for an event or party. Deejayup offers guaranteed services with an easy-to-use

Why DJs Need Deejayup

Deejayup makes managing your career a million times easier. It also brings you opportunities
from around the globe. You will never have to go out looking for gigs. They will come to you!
Above anything else, Deejayup gives DJs visibility. That in itself is priceless these days,
especially for entertainers. The amount of visibility Deejayup provides to you will keep you
working year-round. DJs can also create their availability with the calendar feature. You can not
only manage your schedule, but you can also control every aspect of your career from right there
inside the app. Deejayup has a unique rating system allowing your work to speak for itself.

Why Consumers Need Deejayup

Deejayup takes away the stress of finding a DJ for an event. With Deejayup, DJs are brought to
you! Deejayup has user locations in 37 countries, meaning you’ll be able to find the right DJ
anywhere, anytime. Deejayup also shows you ratings, so you never have to wonder if you’re
hiring the right person for the job. This online platform makes finding the DJ that best suits your
audience a breeze. And Deejayup has made hiring them even more accessible! Once you’ve
found your DJ, the following steps are as easy as generating a contract and getting the party
started! As a bonus, Deejayup offers its services to companies for free!

Deejayup is a unique platform offering guaranteed quality that acts as a secure link between DJs
and consumers for direct and straightforward contracts. Deejayup’s goal is to bring together the
largest community of professional DJs in the world. The Deejayup team works hard to deliver an
exceptional, unmatched experience by providing you with a user-friendly app that allows you to
meet your DJ needs any time of day.

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