Dedicated features of Oracle E-business Suite automated testing solutions

Oracle E-business Suite serves as a dedicated solution that is adopted by business organizations for various operations. Providing necessary storage space, network facilities, and other solutions, the Oracle E-business Suite serves as the best solution, which is adopted by businesses all around the world. Proper implementation of the Oracle E-business Suite and successive upgradation requires continuous and rigorous testing. Manual testing can prove to be a time-consuming process that can lead to the loss of necessary resources for an organization. Therefore, a certified automated test can help deliver all the necessary solutions. Proper deployment of the Oracle E-business Suite and application updates can all be made possible through automated testing solutions.


The automated tools help in the hassle-free implementation of Oracle EBS solutions and dedicated upgrades without causing any disturbance to the normal business work now. The EBS test automation can help in reducing the inconvenience, cost as well as effort of business organizations concerned with Oracle EBS upgrades. There are various features of the Oracle EBS testing platform which are enumerated as follows:


  1. Better test coverage:

The automated testing solution can deliver better test coverage and help with parallel testing of various aspects. Thousands of tests can be run at the same time without causing any lag. These solutions are complete with all the necessary testing scripts that can be identified and used for carrying out the testing process without any errors. Every aspect related to an Oracle EBS solution can be analysed for overall test coverage.


  1. Cloud-based automation solution:

One of the essential aspects related to the Oracle EBS is that it is a fast cloud-based solution that can be adopted by businesses effectively and without any disruption to their normal workflow. The availability of testing scripts can enable hassle-free automation of the testing processes. 


  1. Hassle free migration:

Migration from a traditional enterprise-based solution to a cloud-based solution can all be made possible through the Oracle EBS testing as well. Overall, business transformation can be made possible that can help in generating workflows and therefore help with the adoption of Oracle cloud-based platform with convenience. 


Apart from all the dedicated features mentioned above, the EBS offers dedicated multi-browser support and can even help in generating a dedicated impact assessment report as well. End-to-end integration, optimal test coverage, and availability of a single platform that can enable EBS implementation and upgrade can be made possible. Speedy testing, reduction in cost and effort, and seamless implementation of Oracle cloud-based solutions for an organization can all be made possible through a single solution.


Opkey being a reliable organization, delivers the best Oracle EBS automated testing solutions. The solution delivered comes with the pre-build migration testing templates that can help with hassle-free migration to a cloud-based platform. All the necessary testing combinations can be implemented and used for migration to the Oracle cloud. The company is known for making available the best testing solutions and services that can help with comprehensive testing.

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