Decoding auto transport process in 2021

The struggle of transporting a car from one place to another is real but usually underrated. We are always worried about obvious breakable stuff like TV and glassware and often forget to understand the challenges related to the transportation of the car. If you are moving within a city or state, it is a good idea to drive the car to your new destination but what if you are moving interstate; in such a case it is obvious that you will plan to transport your car. Transporting your car via a cargo plan may seem to lure but would cost you a havoc amount which will not be possible for an average car owner. The best option to transport your car to another place is to hire one of the top car shipping companies to do the task. 

Before you book a shipping company to transport your vehicle, it is wise to understand various types of transportation including open and enclosed auto transport. With all the required details in hand, you will be able to choose the right kind of service at a reasonable rate.

Why Use Auto-Transport Service?

Using an auto transport service will cost you a certain amount but it is important to understand that the amount paid will be worthwhile by knowing all the benefits of the service.

First of all, not all cars can bear the wear and tear of long distances, especially classic cars. You cannot take the risk of driving these cars to a long distance. So it makes sense to hire a professional auto transport company to transport your car.

Another good reason for hiring an auto transport company is to save time. Instead of driving 3 to 4 days to the other side of the country, it makes sense to book an auto transport company to transport the vehicle and you can reach the destination by air. Moving is already an exhausting experience and traveling for so many days will make it all the more challenging.

You might be aware of the good reasons for hiring an auto transport company by now, so let us now discuss how an auto transport company works.

The Process

Almost all auto transport companies use the same process to transport a vehicle and it starts with the search. Many good auto transport companies can be searched online to receive free quotes. You should focus on a good and reputable auto transport company and should make your decision on availability and pricing basis. Make sure you end up choosing the right auto transport company that has the following points in check:

  • The company should be licensed and insured for an interstate move. The company’s license and U.S. DOT number can be checked on the official website of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.
  • The company should have a good overall rating on the internet and with the Better Business Bureau.

You can narrow down your research based on the above-said criteria and choose the right company to transport your car.

Working of Auto Transport Companies

 Now that you have chosen your car transporting company, begins the real process. The auto transport company will need a few details related to your car that may include starting and destination location, Car’s colour, make, model, and estimated value, specific handling instructions (if any), and the name and address of the receiver at the destination location.

Once the auto transport company will be provided with all the details, they will generate a quote for transporting the vehicle. A contract will be signed between the customer and the company after the customer’s approval for the issued price quote.


On the decided pick-up date, either a representative of the auto transport company or a contract carrier will come, acquire, and pick up the vehicle from the starting location. Some companies delay delivery till they get multiple vehicles for the same location to take advantage of the economies of scale.


The car owner can track his vehicle in transit during the delivery process. The customers are given a tracking id that can be used to track their vehicles anytime.   


At the time of delivery, it is a must that an authorized party or person is present to take the delivery. Some auto transport companies deliver the cars at a specific location from where the authorized person has to take the delivery while some companies deliver the vehicle at your doorstep.


Though adequate insurance of the vehicle is the owner’s responsibility, auto transport companies also offer additional insurance to protect your vehicle from any roadside or weather hazards during transit. If you do not buy any additional insurance then a waiver is signed by you to absolve the transport company from certain liabilities. Though it is wise to invest in additional insurance for the safety of your vehicle, it is always an individual choice.

It is very important for your customers to understand the car moving services. Car related services are very complicated and the better the understanding the better will be the results.  

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