Debunking Myths About BPOs in the Philippines

Offshore outsourcing may be hugely popular today, but there are still people who feel that outsourcing business operations could be risky. This is why it becomes important to debunk myths about business process outsourcing to help companies become more efficient. Those who are skeptical about outsourcing do not realize the benefits of outsourcing customer service call center operations. Not only does outsourcing enable such companies to leverage their operations but also helps them stay ahead of others. That becomes possible because they can maximize their profits and conserve resources.

Top myths about business process outsourcing debunked:

  1. One of the first myths about outsourcing is the belief that customers will not understand the services a business offers. This is entirely wrong because prior to outsourcing to BPO providers anywhere, businesses will offer detailed description of their requirements. So, any offshore call center will know your needs and work to satisfy these.
  2. It is often argued that if you choose to outsource your business processes you will end up compromising the quality of services. Inexperienced call center customer service agents are not equipped to resolve queries made by valuable customers. The truth is all BPO providers implement strict protocols for hiring candidates. If you choose Philippines outsourcing services, for instance, you can be sure of getting fluent English-speaking agents well-versed in their duties.
  3. Another common myth centering on BPO services is that outsourcing is expensive. In reality, it is just the reverse. Compared to in-house operations, business process outsourcing saves costs. When you partner with BPO Philippines companies, you can enjoy cost savings because labor here is cheap. Besides, the government in this country supports BPO solutions through favorable laws and infrastructural policies.
  4. Critics argue that data can be lost when you choose to outsource. This myth is unjustified even though sensitive data is handled by such services. The truth is businesses remain in complete control over their data at all times. They are also fully aware of the outbound and inbound call center operations needed for their work.
  5. A common belief is that only the big corporations can afford to outsource their business operations. While this is partly true, because initially it was the big companies which did this, small businesses are catching up now. It is perhaps even more cost-effective for smaller companies to choose BPOs. The latter can offer them customized solutions and help them save money.
  6. It has been felt that outsourcing is risky because data breaches are rampant. This is unarguably a valid concern, but this is not a problem that is unique to only the outsourcing industry. Even big on-shore companies have faced similar problems of security breaches. When you reach out to companies like Alliance Global Solutions they will acknowledge such threats and take proper measures to mitigate the risks.

These are some of the myths that have made businesses question the suitability and effectiveness of offshore outsourcing. But, if you can get in touch with AGS, you will never have to worry about data security or quality of services. Alliance Global Solutions is a recognized name amongst BPO companies providing high-end Philippines IT solutions, data entry, accounting, and call center customer services.

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