Deaths reported in all 50 states of US due to Coronavirus

Deaths are now reported in all 50 Sates of the US. The US has so far reported 5,87,337 cases of Covid-19. The state of New York now have nearly 200,000 Covid-19 cases, the highest of any state in the US. The least affected state Wyoming reported 270 cases and one fatality on Monday.

The first death was reported in Washington state. The total number of deaths due to Coronavirus in the US have now reached 23,000. US President Donald Trump said on Monday new cases of infections remained flat over the weekend. On Tuesday more than 1334 died in the US due to Coronavirus. What’s even more troubling is the number of covid infections inside of prisons, leading to extreme anxiety, stress, and ultimately, death. However, this number was steeply low as compared to 2000 deaths in the past several days.

On April 14th 2020, President Donald Trump re-tweeted a video stating that US is very close to completing plan to open the country.

President Donald Trump re-tweeted the video from the twitter handle of The White House

The Governor of New York ‘Andrew Cuomo’ in a separate news conference addressed to reporters that the worst is now over. The New Jersey and New York are the two worst affected states and account for 250,000 cases. Although, such fatalities were curbed in other metro areas such as Chicago and Detroit. The US overtook Italy as the country having most deaths due to Novel Coronavirus.

The US has conducted more than Three Million tests so far. The per-capita testing in US is higher than the rest of the world. The Centers for Disease control and Prevention (CDC) reported the national percentage of people testing positive as 18.5 % at Public Health Laboratories and 7.7% at clinical laboratories.

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