Death Toll due to Coronavirus worldwide passes 1 Lakh

The global death toll is more than 1 Lakh after 101 days of China reporting the alert to World Health Organisation of a new coronavirus in Wuhan.

The death toll has doubled from 50,000 to more than 1 Lakh in 8 days. So far, Italy is the most affected country with more than 18,849 deaths. The second most affected country is US with 17,925 deaths and the third most affected country is Spain with 15,970 deaths so far.

India tallies at 206 deaths so far with 6,567 reported cases. Out of the top five worst affected countries in the world, More than 40% patients with Coronavirus recovered in Germany. Almost 33% of the Coronavirus cases have recovered in Spain. US has reported the most number of cases and only 5% of the Covid-19 cases have recovered so far.

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