Dealership or private buyer: What the best way to sell your car?

Selling to a dealer or wrecker and selling to a private buyer both have some general benefits and drawbacks. But which one is actually the best? If you are debating whether to sell privately or to a dealership, there are a few major areas that are worth discussing before you make your decision. The comparison goes beyond basic convenience. The dealership option typically wins out in the majority of instances.

Of course, not every dealership provides the whole range of services. Many of the advantages typically associated with selling privately, such as the human interaction and room for negotiation that come with handling a sale on your own, may not be offered by some dealerships; they may only provide speed and convenience.

However, dealerships are increasingly getting more intimate, providing specialized, one-on-one car salespeople who can evaluate a vehicle and interact with the consumer just like a private transaction. There is no hassle and risk when selling old unwanted vehicles to the professional cash for cars removal or wreckers near you. This is just one of the numerous benefits of selecting if you’re selling a used car in Brisbane, QLD, and Australia.

The essential factors to take into account are listed below, along with what dealerships and private sales have to offer in each situation.

Comfort and paperwork

Dealing with the DMV can be a big nuisance when selling privately. The original title for the car, or a copy obtained from the DMV, must be transferred when selling the vehicle. Once this has been completed, a copy of the transfer must be sent to the DMV. This is often the seller’s obligation in private sales, but in order to maintain the integrity of the transaction, the buyer must comply.

The top dealerships connect to the DMV’s database. This enables everything to be updated appropriately, and the dealership may then deliver the necessary paperwork to the seller, who only needs to sign them. With a reputed dealership, things are surely more convenient. The whole procedure is also quicker.


Liability is a crucial topic to consider when selling a car. Liability is automatically transferred at the time of purchase when selling to a reputable dealership like cash for junk cars Brisbane. This implies that any DMV fees or loan balances that remain unpaid are calculated and factored into the selling price of the vehicle. When you leave a dealership after making a purchase, the car is no longer your concern.

With private transactions, this is something that can be discussed, but it exposes sellers to the possibility of still owing money on a vehicle that has already been sold.

The very real potential of a sold car remaining registered in the seller’s name after the sale is likewise eliminated.

Cash offer:

Of course, any price can theoretically be negotiated if you’re selling privately. This may turn out well for individuals who believe they have the business sense to take the chance and haggle their way to a reasonable price.

However, with a competent dealership, the market expertise that drives the selling price is unmatched. Good dealerships have access to a big market database that tells them the exact price at which a certain car is selling across the nation. This usually results in the most reasonable and advantageous car removals.


There is no doubting that using a dealership is generally the better choice, even though selling privately does offer a certain amount of independence. Whatever it is up to you, from the automotive experts always suggest selling cars to the used car dealer or wreckers.

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