DDoS Protecting VPS Servers

How DDoS Protecting VPS Servers Can Benefit Webmasters

When you enable Azure DDoS Protection through simple configuration, block any attack attempts at the server. Always-on real-time monitoring provides near-real-time detection of an impending DDoS attack, even without any human intervention required. With DDoS Protection, a business can protect its internal resources as well as its external sites from sudden onslaught of Internet traffic.

Advantages of using DDoS protection:

There are many advantages to using a dedicated server for DDoS protection.

Increased Scalability:

When a business has a huge number of web sites, managing them can become a full-time job. On a dedicated server, all site resources are pooled to minimize load on the servers and maximize server efficiency. This not only helps reduce the cost incurred for DDoS protection, but it improves overall server performance. Scalability is also improved by adding more servers as required.

Dedicated IP Addesses:

Businesses that use DDoS protection services get dedicated IP addresses, which are exclusive to their business. A company can ensure that each of its employees have their own IP addresses that are block-able and/or unreachable by others. When a web site is unreachable, the user loses all activity that had been performed on that site.

Scripts Preservation:

As an advantage of using a dedicated server for DDoS protection, a business may achieve what it may not be able to do otherwise. On a shared server, a large number of scripts can run on the same server, saturating the resource. When a business uses a dedicated ddos VPS, only one script can run on each server. Each script runs at a very high priority. As a result, there will be very little, if any, time during peak traffic for those scripts to run. This means that the website worth of that script(s) is preserved and, as a result, does better.

Cost Reduction:

Another example of the benefits of blockdos protection are the costs. Businesses that decide to use a block Dos service find that it costs less than equivalent shared webhosting solutions. In addition, a business can often use its own bandwidth for that purpose. Many businesses that blocking DDoS attacks choose to use a VPS or dedicated server (dedicated servers are virtual servers that are solely used by a single web host). A VPS provides the web host with all of the advantages, while also providing the business with all the advantages of having a dedicated server.


VPS hosting gives the web hosting company a level of isolation. This is another benefit of using dedicated servers (VPS) for DDoS protection. A VPS provides the webmaster or web hosting client with the ability to install and run specific applications. This is important in the event that the web hosting company cannot customize the software to fit the website’s needs.

Theft Identification:

It’s possible to customize the application’s software to the website’s needs. In addition, there are many web hosting companies that offer DDoS protection that includes a feature that allows the software to be setup to allow “who is” block listing. With who is block listing, it is possible to assign individual IP addresses to various individuals that may be responsible for sending traffic to a website. There are many potential benefits to using a VPS/dedicated server for your website worth.

Loading Time:

The final benefit to using VPS hosting with DDoS protection is that it helps the webmaster maintain a higher rank. When there are too many users attempting to connect to a single server, the system starts to experience a performance hit. When the system becomes too busy, it can take longer for the server to respond to requests. By using VPS hosting, the webmaster maintains a higher rank and doesn’t have to worry about the system being overwhelmed. In addition to this, using a dedicated server can help reduce the amount of money spent on DDoS attacks as well.

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