Data leakage of Japanese listed enterprises reached a new high last year

As a result of cyber attacks, the frequency of personal information leak incidents at Japanese businesses has increased dramatically. According to the Tokyo business and industry survey company, the number of accidents in listed enterprises and their subsidiaries climbed by 30% to 137 in 2021, the highest level since the study began in 2012. Leakage of equipment due to “virus infection or unlawful access” accounts for nearly half of them, and is the most common explanation.

Since 2012, the number of people who have had their personal information disclosed, including those who have been accused of doing so, has risen to almost 120 million. Some argue that, in comparison to Europe and the United States, Japanese businesses are less legally liable in the event of such tragedies, resulting in a lack of crisis awareness among operators.

Statistics on leakage or loss accidents reported by businesses were compiled by the Tokyo business and industry survey. In 2021, 68 cases of “virus infection or unlawful access” ranked first among various explanations, much outnumbering the 43 cases of “information misdisplay or mistransmission” caused by the second human error.

The marriage app “omiai” accident uncovered by net marketing in May 2021 was the largest victim of a single accident. The greatest number of data that could be exposed as a result of unauthorized access, such as driver’s licenses and health insurance certificates, is estimated to be around 1.71 million.

The second is Ana Holding (about 1 million people), and the third is Japan Airlines (approximately 920000 people), both as a result of unauthorized access to the booking system company that shares mileage member information.

Personal information disclosure is not punishable under the law protecting personal information, and no fines have been imposed on net marketers or other businesses. Despite the fact that victims can fight for compensation, even if they win, the amount of compensation awarded in a single case may be in the thousands of yen. Due to the higher cost of litigation, the victims are forced to swallow it.Vinchin Backup & Recovery provides with Xenserver backup and other vm cloud backup, and allows you to recover an entire VM and all of its data from any restore point (full backup, incremental backup, or differential backup) without affecting the original backup data. Backups that have been deduplicated or compressed can be recovered. It is an excellent solution for ensuring business continuity and minimizing the loss of critical business interruption due to a disaster or system failure. You can also quickly verify backup data availability by instantly restoring the target VM to a remote location in a matter of minutes. Ascertain that, in the event of a true disaster, all VMs can be recovered and that the data contained within is not lost or damaged.

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