Cyffa Leyenda: Is Taking The Industry By Storm

So who is Cyffa Leyenda?

A Legend before becoming one is something Cyffa Leyenda has accomplished for a decade
now. Cyffa has been in the game for 11-12 years. At 3 years old the Virginia-Native was
adopted into a wealthy strict household. Many rules, many expectations No support. Straight
out of High School Cyffa Leyenda signed with Alisha “M’Jestie” Brooks (Song Writer of
RIHANNA Pon De Replay & more.

After a year and half Cyffa was released off the label because M’Jestie felt he was going to
be much bigger. As Cyffa grew his expectations did not go alongside his parents in result he
was kicked out at 18. In 2015 Cyffa opened up for Rah Digga at Shakas Live bringing an
enormous amount of energy through-out the crowd. Later on that year Cyffa performed at
S.O.B’s “Where Legends Are Made” in Manhattan, New York City. This was a paid trip, paid
luxury hotel, food provided and Backstage access free from the founder of the LiveWire Ent.

This was Cyffa’s first time in NYC and lived it like a star. 2018 Cyffa had hit single ran 150k
streams on soundcloud and not to mention opening up for Megan Thee Stallion. Cyffa drew
100k people on his Instagram the day of the show. Cyffa was able to meet Megan, took a pic
and connected with her manager. 2019 Cyffa was a dancer in one of TEK’s featured music
video. Today Cyffa has released his new single “Fineto” with Dela Wesst “500k on Tik Tok”
(Prod. YoungFrenchy808 & Its64boy) Distributed by Empire and has many more celebrities
on board with his future mission.


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