Cute Lip Gloss Packaging for Selling Duo and Trio Sets

Shoppers love discounts and deals. You can better sell your sheer, pigmented, matte and double-sided glosses by bundling them in duo and trio sets. Flash sales and festive offers would call the potential customers to action. Inviting and interactive packaging is a great way to get your combo savers noticed by the cosmetic addicts. They will be lured into knowing how much they can save up and what kind of makeup items are there in the promotion. Dazzling display boxes capture attention of the onlookers even from a distance. Engrossing packaging would leave the buyers feel enticed into checking out the offers.

Coruscating boxes for cosmetics would aid you with pitching the new makeup items. Winsome lip gloss packaging box will entrance the walk-in shopper looking for glittery gloss. She will ask the counter staff to give her the tester of your product. Packaging can thus turn casual buyers into regular customers. You have to get it custom made according to the psychographics of the target audience. Choose printing solutions provider that is familiar with the significance of personalized boxes for retail and can provide you result-oriented packaging. Discuss the different product bundles you want to pitch through the boxes to explain your requirements.

Below are some tips on printing packaging that will assist you with boosting sales!

A Glitzy Lip Gloss Packaging Design

A vibrant and pictographic box artwork would make your glosses sets hard to miss out. Get varying design options for the different combos. Color scheme, graphics and text in the artwork should be relatable with the cosmetics you want to flaunt through packaging. Got interesting names for the bundles? Make them pop on the boxes using glittery embossed or shiny font.

Boxes with Striking Features of the Products

Tell the makeup lovers why they should buy the trio sets. Give them some insight on the pigmented glosses that they can purchase at a reasonable price. Ensure that the info you provide on packaging shouldn’t have any exaggeration or fabricated claims.

Easy to Store Light Weight Packaging

Providing the shoppers their favorite makeup items in boxes that are simple to open, carry and store would make them develop affinity for your brand. They will remember and commend your cosmetic company for being attentive to detail and are likely to choose your offerings time and again.

When deciding the printing stock for your packaging, take a word of advice from the printer and view some samples to better evaluate the options. Kraft paper and cardboard are the popular materials for lip gloss box packaging but you can evaluate other alternatives as well.

The boxes should have number, net weight of the items when packaged and best before date for the cosmetics. Packaging with window would get the purchase process simpler for the consumers. You can use celeb endorsed or themed boxes for making the offers worth purchasing. List your social media profile links for connecting with the customers through Facebook and Instagram.

Packaging Republic is preferred by cosmetic brands for their custom box printing because of its unswerving service standards. The packaging expert ensures all the orders are printed and shipped as per schedule. Want to get a free price quote for your print job? Message or call the team!

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