Custom Gift Boxes—Designing And Printing

It is the time to celebrate because the market is providing the custom gift boxes. Now, the beautiful and eye-catchy boxes on the hands. Whenever, it is a birthday, festival, important event, or any ceremony, people move to the markets. Therefore, the product packaging has lessened their efforts by providing the custom boxes.

Consequently, the customers do not need to buy separate gift boxes as they can have them now. So, the importance of these boxes has increased and that has led the companies to launch their boxes. 

The Designing Of The Custom Gift Boxes

The designing of the custom gift has great importance in the field of gift packaging. Because mainly people like to get the beautiful and unique custom boxes for gifts. Moreover, the increase in demand for new and creative ideas has put the designing field into difficulty. Therefore, the creation of new designs takes a lot of time and strategies to get the unique boxes. So, let’s check the details of the designing of these versatile boxes:

Shape Selection:

The first step is the selection of the shapes of custom boxes. The shapes of the boxes depend mainly on the weight, size and the structure of the products. Moreover, the shape also provides a recognition for the brands because it is the first thing that grabs the attention of the viewers. Therefore, the shape and structure of the boxes must be according to the product.

Size Of The Boxes:

The next step is the selection of the sizes of sides of boxes. Preferably, the measurements of the edges must be equal and perfect so that it will make the balanced boxes for the products. Notably, if the sizes of boxes are not correct, they will de-shape the boxes and lose the stability of the custom boxes.

3d Graphics:

The procedure of designing includes the 3d graphics. In this process, the designers make some special designs for the custom gift boxes. Particularly, software includes the shape and the size of the boxes and makes design accordingly. Furthermore, it is the process of completing the design in which there is addition of colors, fonts, logos, etc in the soft copy.

Printing Steps Of The Custom Gift Boxes

Specifically, the printing is the most efficient step to take the printed custom gift boxes. Usually, the gifts are available in different forms and shapes. Therefore, the industries launch different styles of gift boxes according to the gifts. So, let’s check out the major printing steps of these incredible boxes:

Selection Of The Material:

The first step of the printing process of custom gift boxes is the selection of the material. Notably, cardboard is the sturdy material that most of the companies use for their companies. Additionally, there are three types of these boxes as:

  • Corrugated
  • cardboard
  • Rigid 
  • Paper sheets

These boxes are very rigid and perfect for the printing. The thick layers of rigid boxes provide protection to the boxes perfectly. And the outer beautiful look attracts the customers effectively.

Cutting Of The Boxes:

The next is the proper cutting of the custom boxes according to the shapes and sizes. This step has a side importance. Expressly. It is because if the cutting is not proper and makes irregular edges, it will lessen the quality of the custom gift boxes. So, the customers mainly check the sides of the boxes for perfection.

Graphics Of The Boxes:

The graphics of the custom gift boxes take the major process of the printing. In this procedure, the 3d work is going to be converted into the print form on the boxes. The color combinations, the external look, and the insiders get the prints, respectively. The graphics of the custom boxes include the following things:

  • Color models:

The selection of color models and color scheme signify the beauty of these boxes. Preferably, the colors are the thing of uniqueness and recognition of the industries. Therefore, these colors should match the colors of the products respectively.

  • Logos:

The graphics also include the logos because every company has a specified logo that provides it with an original identity. The colors, fonts, and styles of the logos provide an essential look to the printed custom boxes, alternatively. 

  • Fonts:

The fonts of the boxes must correspond to the styles of the gifts. Like luxury boxes include rigid boxes, luxury products, royal fonts, etc. All the fonts of the infographic must be matchable and with selective colors.


The process of foiling includes the pasting of gold/silver foils on logos and selective areas of the custom gift boxes, perfectly. The manufacturers of the custom boxes use this step for making the luxury boxes, mainly. The rigid boxes and paper sheets use this step for styling the surfaces.


The embossing is the printing process in which the manufacturers use the pressurized machines. In the results, the surface of the boxes gets textures and reliefs that increase their beauty. Usually, the rigid and corrugated boxes use this procedure. Because, the multiple layers in these boxes can easily bear the high pressure.


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