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There are probably many things facing the education industry, some of which have persisted for years. However, in 2021, nothing has affected and threatened to cripple the whole space like the Covid-19 pandemic. Schools and educational centers have struggled to cope with the effects brought about by the pandemic. When it all started in 2020, it was panic stations all around and many students and teachers were thrown into confusion. Even though there are signs of normalcy returning to the world, some issues have been exposed more than others. Here are some of them.

1. Over 1 billion students have dropped out of school

There has always been a struggle to educate the masses, and while this was already going on, the pandemic has dealt a heavy blow to it. According to a UNESCO report, over 1 billion children stopped going to school when the pandemic hit and governments had to shut down schools to contain the pandemic. This has affected over 124 countries and accounts for over 70% of total students in schools. Of course many students have chosen to continue their education online with help from online platforms like AssignmentMasters that help many complete their school assignments.

2. Some Parents are now Homeschooling

This has been happening even before the pandemic hit us. But with the pandemic already here, parents who never thought of this have now been forced to do it to ensure their children don’t miss out on a chance to learn. However, questions are being asked about the effectiveness of this given that not all parents can actually teach. Some parents may be too busy to assign and mark Some may not even have the qualifications to do it.

3. Cancellation of Examinations

It took a while before many educational institutions could decide what direction to take as the pandemic hit our doorsteps. However, one of the toughest issues to tackle was whether to go on with high-stakes examinations or cancel them. This presented a curriculum quagmire that is still affecting many schools today. Some institutions reverted to online examination even as this presented a lot of challenges. Even so, many institutions had to find a way to do this or cancel the tests altogether.

4. Seniors in College and High School Lost Out

Even as some institutions canceled the end-year examinations, many senior students who were hoping to finish school found themselves in a closure quandary. Many who were hoping to finish their education and move on to the next phase of their lives were left disappointed and confused. This has led to many students despairing while others have sought alternative ways to finish their education. Many, however, have decided to take it on their chins and move on.

5. Too many online resources

While this may not sound like a bad thing, it may have challenges that may affect the quality of education offered. Many online platforms and groups have surfaced to try and provide a solution for those that have been adversely affected. The problem is that some of these platforms may not offer the best quality of learning needed. However, some like research paper writing services uk have been a cut above the rest in offering the best services for students and teachers. Even though some of these platforms offer quality services, the amount of platforms online has been overwhelming for parents, teachers, and students as well.

6. Inequities have been further exposed

Although this has been talked about for many years, the pandemic has exposed it even further; some schools and institutions have countless resources to offer students and caregivers while others have very little or none at all. These inequities have further exacerbated the situation. While some students can access and have their essays done on time, some do not even have free internet to learn.


There are many more issues facing education today, some of which have been made worse by the pandemic. While many countries try to fight the disease and restore normalcy, the education industry has a long way to go to try and restore their own normalcy. Many teachers and students have had to adjust to many restrictions and the virus waves. As schools reopen in some countries, many questions still need answers.

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Why Should You Take A Presentation Skills Training Course?



Many employees in today’s workplace will have to give a speech or present information to a group of people. Presentation skills training can make this process less stressful and more effective. The ability to speak in front of a large audience is an important skill for businesspeople and executives, and will help them in both small and large meetings. According to a Chapman University survey, public speaking is the number one fear among Americans. For this reason, many people turn to presentation skills trainers for guidance.

A presentation skills trainer will work with clients to create a bespoke presentation that meets their specific needs. Creating a customized presentation that fits a client’s needs is essential, and a presentation skills trainer can help with this. A good workshop will include background information on the subject matter, and will help delegates prepare a presentation that will be effective and memorable. Whether you want a short seminar or a three-day conference, presentation skills training will give you the edge you need to become a confident communicator.

A presentation skills trainer can also help with writing and presenting notes. They can help you create an effective and memorable presentation that will get your message across. A good presentation can be a powerful tool, and a presentation skills trainer can help you achieve this. An instructor can tailor a course to your needs and ensure that you’ll leave with a memorable presentation. This training will improve your ability to speak effectively to any audience. This will help you build your brand name in the eyes of your audience and make your presentation more impactful.

There are many reasons why people should take a presentation skills training. The skills they develop will help them succeed in a variety of different environments. Not only will a presentation skills trainer improve your business performance, but it will improve your career prospects. The workplace environment is a competitive one, and employees need to be able to present themselves in a professional manner. Developing a great presentation is crucial if you want to get ahead.

A presentation skills trainer will focus on your strengths and weaknesses and will ensure that you reach your goal. In addition to providing guidance, they will help you develop an audience-friendly presentation. If you’re a beginner, presentation skills trainers will offer you a few suggestions that will help you become a more confident and effective speaker. You’ll be able to speak more naturally in front of an audience, allowing your audience to focus on the content.

Presentation training can help you develop a professional presence. The most effective presentation trainers will help you present in a professional manner. They will also help you develop an excellent rapport with your audience. Moreover, they will be able to make you stand out from the crowd, ensuring that you are the right person for the job. These tips can help you become a better employee in your company. Once you’ve learnt how to speak well, you’ll be able to give presentations without any problems.

Training in presentation skills can help you build confidence and increase your chances of success in the workplace. The workplace is a highly competitive place, and presenting yourself in a professional manner is an essential skill for success. You’ll need to learn how to deliver a presentation to the right audience. This means that you’ll have to know the language of your audience and the best way to deliver your message. You’ll need to be able to present well.

Presentation skills trainers will teach you how to adapt your content to the audience. They will help you get your point across and give the best possible presentation to your audience. In addition, they will help you learn how to use PowerPoint and prepare a visual PowerPoint slide to help you convey your ideas. Once you know how to use these tools effectively, you’ll be more confident in front of an audience, and your presentations will be more effective. A presentation skills trainer will also teach you how to prepare notes. Often, people need notes to give a good presentation, and your trainer will help you come up with a way to create visual notes for your audience. For example, you may need to provide your audience with a visual PowerPoint slide that shows the information you want to give. You can also use note cards to write down important points or quotes that you want to share. Contact The Pincus Group for more training and consultation.

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6 of the best PDF editors



Today, there are more pdf records online than at any time in history. And today we have an enormous expansion in the utilization of pdf documents than in the past decade.

Pdfs have become popular because they are versatile; and they can be opened by pretty much every gadget. It’s now easier to open and edit pdf files using pdf editor Mac, Windows, or mobile apps. Also, there are a plethora of easy-to-use online pdf editors i.e. if you prefer software-as-a-service options.

Pdf editors have become handy in cooperative and educative exercises. A decent pdf editing software can make life very simple. You can easily alter a shared pdf record from a teammate. Half the time, it won’t cost you anything. You can edit pdfs online free of charge.

The abundance of pdf editing resources could spell trouble when it comes to choosing the best one. This article will assist you with settling on the ideal decision. Find 6 of the best pdf editors (both on the web and disconnected), to assist with your cooperative or educative work.

#1. WPS Office

WPS is one of the most famous document managers used today. It offers a productive pdf text editor for PC, web, and portable. WPS pdf editorial manager allows you to peruse, alter, explain and furthermore pack pdf archives on pc (windows, macintosh), and on portable (android, ios). Furthermore, it’s really simple!

Notwithstanding, altering a pdf record with WPS Office is an element held for premium records. So If you’re an exceptional client, you’ll have a treat.

Principle Features of WPS office pdf editor

To edit a pdf file online with WPS, just snap the “alter” tab for both versatile and your program. You’ll have the option to utilize the accompanying altering highlights:

  • The substance of your pdf records seems sectioned in text boxes to permit simple organizing. Click on a text box to alter its substance.
  • Duplicate, glue, and cut activities are conceivable with the text found in textboxes.
  • For each chosen textbox, you can alter the textual style types, text dimensions, textual style tones, text arrangement, and so forth. 

#2. Adobe Acrobat

The program has a chrome extension that permits you to alter pdf documents straightforwardly from Google chrome. You simply add the Acrobat extension to chrome.

With Adobe Acrobat, you can change website pages into pdf records, pack these documents and furthermore save in your archives. However, you won’t be permitted to alter the first text on these records.

Principle Features of Adobe Acrobat

  • View and Comment on pdf records straightforward from your program. Share these records with your partners on the web.
  • Sign on to your pdf archives.

#3. Lumin pdf

This is one of the most mind-blowing free online pdf editors. Lumin pdf is an across-the-board pdf management tool with countless astonishing elements to give you the best work insight.

The app offers a successful easy-to-use online pdf editor you can rely on. Rather than changing over your pdf records to word reports, or buying premium records on WPS, you can utilize Lumin pdf for all of your alterations.

With Lumin pdf, you can make, and edit a pdf file online – for FREE! A web browser is all you need to get the best out of this instrument. Lumin likewise has a FREE pdf editor for PC, as of late produced for clients who wouldn’t have any desire to work on their web browsers.

The Main Features of Lumin pdf

  • It is really simple to add text, placemarks, draw shapes, and furthermore embed pictures into your reports.
  • Record remarks and have discussions with colleagues.
  • Share reports with colleagues in a hurry. No compelling reason to download records; utilize the offer component to send your documents by email or archive interface.
  • Working with a few reports? Consolidation split and pack your archives however you see fit.
  • Programmed saving guarantees you never lose your work with the Lumin pdf instrument.

A premium version is totally prescribed to get the best of Lumin.

#4. Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a commonly recognized name with regards to word handling. You may be somewhat astonished to learn that MS Word can be very great at pdf altering as well.

To edit a pdf file with MS Word, you simply change the pdf to a word version. After that, you have a word document you can alter however you see fit.

MS Word changes pdf documents to word records with no issues at all. The first copy is saved entirely; including pictures and shapes show up as they are in the first document.

The constraint here is; this component is just accessible with Word 2013 and later forms. Despite the fact that you’ll require the 2016 form to truly partake in this pdf-altering highlight.

Principle Features of Microsoft Word pdf supervisor

  • Convert pdf archives to .docx documents for smooth altering/designing.
  • Protecting substance of pdf records during changes.
  • Keeping pictures, shapes, tables, sounds, and recordings unblemished later changes.
  • Convert any pdf record size to .docx.
  • Change from .docx to pdf records subsequent to altering.

Pdf altering with MS Word is free and works disconnected, as long as you have an authorized Microsoft item.

#5. Sejda Online Pdf Editor

Most online pdf editors are paid apparatus. However, even the free editors will flood your archives with watermarks. Sejda is a free online pdf editor that stands apart for its no watermark strategy. The pdf supervisor allows you to edit pdf online for free.

Not at all like different apparatuses on this rundown, Sejda just offers pdf altering. So to avoid being messed with heaps of different highlights other than altering, Sejda is a superior choice.

There’s likewise a work area form of the Sejda, on the off chance that you would rather not open your records to the Internet.

Primary Features of Microsoft Word pdf proofreader

  • Your documents are transferred through a scrambled channel to keep them secure. To additionally console you, your documents are consequently erased later.
  • You can add text to existing reports, and alter the existing text on pdf records. Pictures, structure fields to gather information, explanations, remarks, and shapes can likewise be added with Sedja’s easy pdf editor.
  • Make and modify joins/hyperlinks in your pdf records.
  • Need to conceal some specific substance on your pdf document? Utilize the whiteout included. Place a white square shape on the piece of content to make it undetectable.

Kdan PDF Reader for Mac

Kdan pdf reader is an incredible pdf editor for Mac gadgets. This pdf editor application allows you to alter the real text of pdf records. You can change the textual style type, and size of the first text on the off chance that you need to. Notwithstanding, this component is presently available just for Mac clients.

Fundamental Features of Microsoft Word pdf manager

  • Put your mark and remark on pdf records
  • Fill in intelligent and non-intuitive pdf structures.
  • Design the text of pdf documents.
  • Use passwords to secure your records.
  • Convert documents from html, .docx, .txt, and so forth… to pdf records effortlessly.

Kdan pdf reader is accessible for use on both iOS and Android gadgets.

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You must complete the post-licensing education in real estate if you have recently completed the real estate pre-licensing. Post-licensing is on the top of the list for achieving your goals in a meaningful way. Real estate post-license education requirements vary with the state, by the change of state the rules and regulations also change, But in this article, we will provide you an overview of that important thing that is essential to know for you.


It is the education that is synchronized with the top education in real estate and after completing the pre-licensing education the main aim of the post-licensing education is to make the money. This is also the required education for the new salesman and brokers. You must complete the post-licensing education of the real estate before the renewal of the Real Estate pre-licensing. 

Let’s assume if the real estate license in your state expires in three years then you have to complete the post-licensing course in three years. As we mentioned post-licensing requirements are made and handled by the state and these vary from person to person also So, to make you people more clear here we will use the example of different states with their requirements

But, one thing is mandatory before completion of Real Estate post-licensing education of real estate you have to complete the pre-licensing real estate education. So, here for your convenience, we are going to describe the basic outline of pre-licensing real estate education.

Three courses are mainly followed in the pre-licensing education and these can be a little bit vary from the coin but here we will describe in the form of an outline and these applied in every state. Here this demonstration will be purely for you if you are going to become a broker or salesperson. But in each case, you will have to read, quiz, assignments and give the examination at last.


The learning principle of field is necessary for every field same goes for real estate. You’re in the first course of pre-licensing then you have to learn real estate principal on the first attempt. In the real estate principle, the main things included are sales, marketing, and discipline. Discipline is the thing in real estate that makes people very true in their work without discipline people are unable to do something great in their field. 

Research shows that discipline is the thing that generates leads in real estate at last. There are many other things that are taught in Real Estate pre-licensing real estate such as the way how to do marketing, leases, getting contracts, and how you can handle the agency if you are working in it as a real estate agent. In this course, you are able to handle all those matters of real estate that are included in the basic principle, and this is exactly what we call a principal.


Specific credit hours are given to complete this course, and the person makes a practice of all those things that he learned in the principal. This course will engage you in the industry and will help to increase your marketing. This is the actual time of learning during the pre-licensing course of real estate.


After completing the principal and practice gaining expertise in the legal aspects of real estate is necessary. Legal aspects help you with day-to-day matters that include land, offices, and commercial plots.

So, after doing the pre-licensing you have to complete the post-licensing education and the requirements vary from state to state here we will discuss the main outline of major states that are offering Post-licensing real estate education in the USA.


Before getting the renewal of the real estate license first time in Texas, some restrictions are applied on the user he has to complete the qualifying real estate hours of course, and completion of study hours is also necessary for the legal updates.  These are the hours that are added to the syllabus of your renewal.


New brokers must complete 90 hours of continuing education within two years of obtaining their permit, according to the Washington State Department of Licensing. During your first active renewal, you must complete an Advanced Practices Course of 30 hours,30-Hour Real Estate Law Course,3-Hour Core Course these course includes the core rules such as the principal of the real estate and discussing of legal aspects, at least 27 hours other continuing education approved by the state. Furthermore, you cannot begin these courses until after your first license has been issued.


Post-licensing education in Florida is done for the both salesman and the broker. This is a 45-hour course in the case of a salesman and you have to complete it during the 1 to 2 years. In the case of a broker, a little bit of time is increased for you and if you are not comfortable with the physical classes you can take the classes online medium and get certification at the time.

  • Post licensing and continuing education

The main difference between post-licensing and continuing education comes based on duration, while these are sound alike. Post-licensing education you have to complete before the renewal of the pre-licensing. But, continuing education is that you can start after the post-licensing. Here, it is important to mention that pre-licensing and continuing education are the same at the most time and in very rare cases post-licensing and continuing education are different from each other. 

  • Where to get post-licensing education?

The greater chance in this era to get the degree of post-licensing is that you can complete your degree via online medium. Some institutes provide education through physical means and you can check their credibility by checking their reviews.

  • Opportunities after real estate post-licensing

Take a moment to congratulate yourself before you ask where your license can take you or what career options you have in real estate. It’s a huge accomplishment! It is amazing that you completed real estate school and passed the exam.

Take a moment to appreciate all the work you have already put into your career before worrying too much about how you can get your first job in real estate. What you have done so far has not been easy! Your career has been filled with a lot of hard work up to this point, but you know this is just the beginning. The possibilities are endless in front of you. One of the best things about working in real estate is the amazing opportunities that you can take advantage of your vast opportunities. But with so many career paths to choose from, where do you begin?


Much of the work in real estate is done through the real estate agents who are involved in the selling of lands, markets and, exchanges of houses. These are the man that plays the main role in the real estate company.


This is a high-value certificate that provides services to their clients considering their strong educational foundation. And, if you can do this work after the completion of post-licensing don’t forget about it.


A broker is a person who takes something and incorporates investor with him after that sell the thing in good margins and drives the profit of himself and for the investor.  Some brokers are very specialized they assist the government in the legal policies and work on the international level.


The property manager has huge demand in the real estate and you can grab this job easily after the competition of your post-licensing degree. The main aim of a property manager is to invest the amount in such a way that it becomes a future asset and the value of matter increases from time to time.


As an appraiser, your job is to appraise real estate and provide an opinion of its value. Appraisals are almost always required for houses under contract and people refinancing. Real estate brokers can get a regular paycheck while remaining active in the industry. A market expert is required for appraising. An appraisal career could be a good choice for you if you consider yourself an expert in your field.


Investing in or purchasing real estate for income-generating purposes defines a real estate investor. Most real estate investors purchase real estate and rent it out for a few years to gain equity in the property.


It is the governmental job that you can get on the level of state and he has the knowledge and experience of handling two parties in the case of selling.


This article is compiled to keep in view how pre-licensing in real estate is interrelated with post-licensing and how post-licensing is different from the continuing education of real estate. Here, we also describe the opportunities that you can get after doing licensing in real estate for any query drop a comment.For more information, click here.

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Diving deep into essay types



Essays are paragraphs placed together to deliver information to your audience in a particular way. As an essay writer, it’s essential to be well aware of the types of essay. This will help you craft a royal essay with all the necessary features an examiner wants in an essay, from the right set of punctuation to the right research.

Nonetheless, hiring an essay writer is better if you can’t grasp the concepts. These services can be lifesavers if you need to get your hands on an essay in a matter of hours. For example, if you’re in the UK, make sure to search for the best essay writing service UK to get in contact with someone who can deliver your work quickly.

The most significant kinds

If you want to learn how to ace an essay, learning the kinds of essays is necessary. Here are the types of essays that usually show up on our exams.

First-person essay

More commonly known as the narrative essay, the first-person essay is widely popular. This essay is narrated from a first-person perspective, similar to first-person stories. The story-like essay is easiest to write since it is similar to quoting or telling someone about an event.

They can be about an event, a person, or anything. For example, the best day of my life, my first day at university, and so on. These topics may seem easy, but you still need to practice to ace them.


These are the types that clearly describe a person, thing, or day. These sometimes can feel similar to writing a narrative essay, but there are a few differences. This essay is based more on a visual representation of the topic.

For example, if you have to write one on a valley, you must describe the valley in the clearest words. When writing a descriptive essay, the image should be painted inside the reader’s mind.

Debatable essays

These types of essays are also considered arguments. The most widely opted topic since this gives you a lot of room to prove your point. It’s easy, but you require some background knowledge on your topic before attempting this one.

Expository essays

These essays are the ones that require the most accurate facts and data. These usually take the longest time and require attention to detail and creativity.

These usually don’t come in a short live exam since you can’t have all these facts and figures crammed. But if the essay is due in a while, these are the most common types to be assigned.

Final thoughts

Knowing what type of essay you are assigned is essential to start it right. If you can’t identify it, you will probably lose marks

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Is There an Advantage to Submitting College Applications Early for the Ivies?



Ivy League schools represent the very best education available. These eight prestigious colleges have long traditions of offering world-class education. Some of the brightest minds from across the entire globe flood these schools with applications each year with the hopes of being accepted.

Naturally, this high level of competition creates a challenging admissions process that leaves students trying everything they can to increase their chances of getting accepted. Many end up wondering “is there an advantage to submitting college applications early for the Ivies?

Does submitting your application ahead of the deadline improve your chances of acceptance?

In reality, there’s no concrete advantage to submitting your application before the deadline. Admissions counselors aren’t going to give discernable preference to students who were able to get their applications completed and submitted in a more timely manner. 

Besides, when a university sets a deadline, it’s not a race to see which students can finish quicker. It simply represents the final date the school will be accepting university applications. Whether an Ivy League school receives your application 100days before the deadline or the day before, your chances of getting accepted aren’t going to be altered. 

The only possible advantages that can come from submitting your application early are personal. 1. Stress Relief: The college admissions process can cause a little bit of stress, especially when applying to the Ivy League. And everyone responds differently to that stress. Some people do better by spreading out their application work over a longer period of time while others won’t be able to feel relaxed until it’s submitted. If you fall into the latter group, it might be a great stress relief to get your applications to the Ivies submitted earlier than the deadline. 2. Personal Events: If you have an upcoming personal event scheduled for near your university’s application deadline and you know it might impact your ability to submit your application timely, you might want to think about turning it in early. For example, maybe you have a family wedding or planned vacation right before the deadline. In this case, it might be risky to wait to submit your application. 3. Multiple Applications: Another reason why an individual might be able to benefit from applying before the deadline is if they’re applying to more than one school. Instead of completing all applications at one time, you might decide to complete one at a time. With this strategy, it might make sense to turn in your application early so you can move on applying to other schools without being distracted. 

Pro Tip: No matter your reason for submitting an application early, make sure you quadruple-check it before submission. You’d hate to turn in your application early only to have a few obvious mistakes that could’ve been accounted for if you would’ve waited. 

What can happen after I submit an early application? 

Generally speaking, there are three possibilities that can happen after you submit an early application. Here they are: 1. Acceptance2. Deferral3. Rejection

What’s the difference between submitting a college application early and early decision/early action

In your research, you’ve probably come across some incredibly similar terms that might have caused some confusion. Namely, early decision (ED) and early action (EA). Although it sounds like there’s no distinction, these are actually two different application programs offered by universities. 

Not every school offers each, but the vast majority provide at least one for students who don’t want to wait for the standard application timeline to put in their bid for acceptance. To make matters even more confusing, some people use the phrase “apply early” to refer to ED or EA when this simply means to submit an application before it’s due. So, what’s the difference? 

Well, as we mentioned before, both ED and EA programs offer students the ability to submit an application on an earlier timeline than normal. The primary difference is that students applying for early decision are bound and aren’t permitted to apply to other universities. Some universities use this to filter out students who aren’t positive that, if accepted, they would attend the school. On the other hand, early action isn’t binding. This means there’s no limit to the number of schools to which the student applies. 

While early decision and early action programs are alternate timelines to the standard application timeline, there’s a third possibility for turning your application in early. And that’s simply to submit the application before the standard deadline. Some students do this to get out from under the weight of stressful application preparation. Others simply start early and get done quickly. So, how does each form of early submission impact your chances of getting into the university of your dreams? Let’s find out. 

What about early decision dates?

Although we’ve already established that there are no real benefits of submitting a college application before the actual deadline, that doesn’t mean there’s no advantage to applying with an official early decision or early action program. In fact, using these alternative application timelines can increase your chances of getting accepted into the college of your choice. How? Well, as you’ll see below, Ivy League university acceptance rates are higher during early action and early decision when compared to their standard timelines. 

School # of Early Applicants for Class of 2024# of Early Applicants Accepted into Class of 2024Early Acceptance Rate for Class of 2023Early Acceptance Rate for Class of 2024
Brown University (ED)4,56280018.2%17.5%
Columbia University (ED)4,461TBD14.6%TBD
Cornell University (ED)6,6151,57622.6%23.8%
Dartmouth College (ED)2,06954723.2%26.4%
Harvard University (EA)6,42489513.4%13.9%
University of Pennsylvania (ED)6,4531,26918%19.7%
Princeton University (EA)TBD79114%TBD
Yale University (EA)5,77779613.2%13.8%

More helpful college application tips

Now that we’ve clarified that applying during early action or early decision can increase your chances of getting accepted into an Ivy League university, you might be wondering if there are any other tips you can use to raise those chances even more. Fortunately, there are many! Here, we’ll share a few more helpful college application tips that can take your application from mediocre to top of the pile!

Get started early. 

Whether you’re applying during early action/early decision or the normal timeline, it’s still important to get started as early as possible. With classes, extracurriculars, and a host of other responsibilities pulling your attention in a hundred different directions, it’s easy to continue putting off your application tasks until it’s too late. 

When you procrastinate, you run the risk of having to rush around to get everything you need which typically results in a lower-quality application overall. Once you’ve decided to apply to a university, it’s a good idea to get started right away. 

Find stellar letters of recommendation. 

Applicants are required by many universities to obtain letters of recommendation from teachers and sometimes guidance counselors. While this might seem like something that doesn’t require a lot of work on your part, that’s where you’re wrong. 

In order to make sure these letters reflect well upon you, you’ll need to think long and hard about which teachers you ask to write them. Of course, most will be more than willing to write something nice about you. 

However, you’ll need to find an instructor who knows you well and who can provide a personal and intriguing letter of recommendation. It’s best to start brainstorming your best options well ahead of asking them. 

Chat with alumni. 

One of the greatest advantages of attending an Ivy League school is the alumni network from which you can reap nearly endless benefits both during and after college. What many people don’t know is that some of these advantages even extend retroactively.

In other words, graduates of Ivy League schools are typically more than happy to speak with people thinking about attending their alma mater. In fact, some schools even set up interviews between an alumnus and an applicant as part of the admissions process. However, you can reach out to one on your own to ask any questions you have about the university. 

Find out what you need. 

A common mistake students make when applying to multiple universities is assuming that all have the same application requirements. Although there is significant overlap between Ivy League schools regarding what you’ll have to turn in along with your application, you don’t want to run the risk of being short a key document just because you had assumed all requirements were identical. 

Fortunately, all colleges clearly outline what applicants have to turn in for their application to be considered. No matter how many colleges you’re applying to, make sure you’re 100% certain of what’s required. 

Write excellent college essays. 

Every Ivy League school requires applicants to respond to a series of prompts. These essays are designed to give students an opportunity to express more about themselves while, at the same time, allowing admissions officers to get to know more about the applicants. After all, the standard application doesn’t provide much in the way of personal or revealing information. The best way to ensure your college essays stand out and increase your chances of getting accepted is to work with an entrance expert like AdmissionSight that offers professional essay editing services

Prepare for your interview.

Many Ivy League colleges require applicants to undergo an interview in order to determine their eligibility. Although the format of this interview varies between universities, it’s an integral part of the admissions process. A great way to improve your chances of getting accepted is to prepare for this interview. 

You’ll want to practice answering certain questions, how to handle yourself formally, what to wear, how to speak, and much more. Working with a professional to successfully prep for this interview can really help you perfect this portion of the admissions process.

College Application Timeline FAQs 

With over a decade of experience in the college admissions industry, we’ve come across every question you can imagine. As you might expect, many of these queries overlap. Here, we’ll list and answer some of the most common ones regarding college application and admissions timelines.

Is it bad to submit essays on the last day? 

In order to officially meet the application deadline, students have to turn in their application and all of the required materials by 11:59 pm on the date of the application deadline. This includes college essays which are considered part of the application. 

Although colleges will still treat applications and essays submitted on the final date of acceptance the same as those submitted earlier, we don’t recommend it. When you wait until the last minute, you don’t give yourself enough buffer time for potential issues. It’s best to submit your application well before the deadline.

Can I submit my college application on the deadline? 

As we’ve mentioned before, you can technically submit your college application on the deadline. Admissions counselors aren’t going to count it against you. However, we highly advise against it. Generally, waiting until the last minute when applying for the Ivy Leagues is something you definitely want to avoid. 

What are the typical college application timelines for colleges? 

Typically, deadlines for regular decision applications are at the beginning of January. Most applicants will receive acceptance letters in March. Generally speaking, you’ll have to let colleges know whether or not you accept by the end of April. This is why May 1st is known in the community as College Decision Day.  

Working with an admissions counselor can improve your chances of getting into the Ivies

If you’ve set your goals on the Ivy League, let’s first say congratulations. It’s a challenging process but definitely worthwhile and laudable. While you might be bummed to find out applying early doesn’t really increase your chances of getting accepted, there is a surefire strategy that gives students an edge over the competition: working with an admissions counselor. These experts live and breathe the college admissions process and know exactly what it takes to get accepted to some of the best universities in the country. Yes, even the Ivy League schools. In fact, that’s Admission Sight’s specialty. 

We have a tough time keeping track of just how many students we’ve helped get into the university of their dreams. How do we do it? Well, we know what college admissions officers are looking for and how to make your application as impressive as possible. Our services are designed to put you in the best light for the Ivies. 

Whether you need help editing your supplemental essays, choosing extracurricular courses, or planning your high school curriculum, we’ve got your back. To learn more about whatAdmission Sight offers and how students and parents can benefit, feel free to reach out to us today for a free consultation. 

Do you need help getting into an Ivy League school?

It’s no secret that getting into an Ivy League school is a challenging process. These top-tier universities attract some of the most talented and brightest minds from across the country and the world. Understandably, many students and parents don’t know where to begin when it comes to applying to these prestigious universities. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to tackle this process alone. AdmissionSight is a leading college entrance expert who helps students just like you make the most out of their applications to drastically increase their chances of getting into the university of their dreams. 

Need help finding the right summer program that’s fun and falls in line with your academic interests? We can help with that! Not sure what extracurriculars in which you should invest time and energy? Our talented team can help identify some activities that will pique your interest while also looking great on your application. 

Getting writer’s block on your college essays? Our essay editing services can make sure your essays stand out from the crowd. Interested in learning more about AdmissionSight and what we offer? Feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

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