Creative Storage Ideas for Your Nursery

If you recently had a baby or one is on the way, it’s such an exciting time in your life! You’re busy being a parent, and it’s such a fulfilling job. 

Having an organized nursery can work wonders when you’re trying to juggle life and a new baby. Otherwise, having belongings sprawled everywhere can add to the chaos known as parenthood! 

For new parents, it’s even more critical to set up the right type of storage. Not only will it make things easier on you, but the nursery will look well put together. 

Here are nine ways you can add storage to your child’s nursery. Follow these tips to create a stress-free and beautiful room!

1. Use a Storage Chest With Cubbies 

With a baby, you’re bound to have lots of accessories. You may have so many that it’s hard to know where to put everything! There are little socks, onesies, and pacifiers coming out of your ears! 

Make life easier and put your baby’s tiny socks and pacifiers in individual cubbies. Depending on how big the cubbies are, you may be able to put different accessories in one cubby. 

See if you can add a few small containers to each cubby. Separate accessories by category and label each container to make it a cinch for you to find what you need.

2. Make Use of an Old Furniture Piece

Taking an old piece of furniture that you already own and using it in the baby’s room can help you save money. You won’t have to go out and buy new furniture and you’ll also help the environment! 

You may worry that the piece of furniture won’t complement other elements of the nursery. There’s a simple solution to that! 

For example, if you have an old dresser that you want to reuse, repaint it to match the room’s colors. You can also think outside the box and use furniture to meet other needs. 

For an old dresser, use the surface to create a changing table if you wish. There’s no set rule that you have to use an official changing table when you can use what you have!

3. Stash Things Under the Crib

If there’s space under a crib, buy a few containers and stash extra accessories under there. Or, if there’s enough room, place a few small decorative boxes under the crib. You can stack them to maximize the space. 

Put things under the crib that you won’t need access to that often. They’re easy to get to but it’s not fun having to bend down all the time. 

For instance, putting extra clothing or diapers in the boxes is one idea. If there are enough diapers and clothing out already, you’ll only need to retrieve more once in a while. 

4. Use a Shower Caddy to Store Diapers

A great way to store diapers is in a shower caddy

If you’re worried about a shower caddy not being aesthetically pleasing, don’t be!  There are plenty of attractive caddies for sale. Besides, once the caddy is full of cute baby things, no one will even notice! 

Hang the caddy on the wall near your changing station. It’ll create a convenient way to grab a diaper, bib, or washcloth when you need it.

5. Put a Daybed in the Nursery

Depending on how big the nursery is, you may have enough space for a daybed. Daybeds are small yet comfy and also fantastic for storage! 

Get one with pull out drawers for extra storage. In the drawers, you can put extra blankets, clothing, or whatever you’d like. 

Besides using it for storage, a daybed is a fantastic spot to relax and nurse your baby. And it also works well for other children to relax while you’re tending to the baby. 

6. Store Extra Toys in Another Room

Babies don’t often have a shortage of toys. If you don’t want the nursery to look like it’s always exploding with toys, store them elsewhere. 

Not only will putting them somewhere else help you stay organized, but it’ll also save on space. And it’ll make it easier for you to swap them out for other toys at your convenience. 

7. Use a Wall Mounted Coat Rack 

A wall-mounted coat rack is perfect for you to hang your baby’s jackets, dresses, and other things they need on the go. 

Suppose it has storage on top, that gives you even more space! On top, you can add a few pieces of decor or extra items such as your baby’s shoes.

A wall-mounted coat rack is a stylish and functional piece of furniture. It’ll no doubt steal the show in your nursery!

8. Hang a Bookshelf on the Wall

Hanging a bookshelf on the wall is a fun way to display your child’s books. If you want your baby to be an avid reader one day, then having baby books in the nursery is an excellent place to start. 

Having a bookshelf on the wall is a great way to show off your child’s books. And, it creates more room on the floor to store other belongings. 

9. Hang Blankets on a Ladder

Does your child have a lot of blankets? Yes, you can store them under the crib or daybed if you choose to get one. But if you’re overflowing with blankets, you need to find other areas to store them. 

Consider getting a leaning ladder where you can hang blankets for easy access. Not only will it show off beautiful blankets, but it’s the perfect spot to hang them.  

Make sure you secure it to the wall before baby starts walking around!


Setting up a nursery is a lot of fun but still requires a lot of work. If you’re going to have a lot of accessories for your baby, make a plan before assembling the room. 

With furniture, storage boxes, and other decor elements, you can develop the ideal area. Above all, your baby’s comfort should be the top priority. 

Design everything with your child’s safety in mind (having the right storage can help with this). Focus on comfort and safety first and everything else should fall into place. 

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