Creating a perfectly rustic look with lighting designs 

Before we go ahead and tell you how to nail the perfect rustic look for your living space, it is important for you to understand the roots of this design language so that you can implement each element with ease. Rustic interior design takes inspiration from the early settlers in the US who built their homes far from the cities. The scarcity of space and the heavy furniture available then made it difficult for the settlers to move out with everything. The settlers relied on materials available locally to build their homes and that is exactly what inspired the rough, raw yet charming rustic design language. Although the definition of rustic design mildly differs from country to country, the basic idea is to highlight the organic elements in your home decor.

The rustic design uses lighting fixtures that are rugged and don’t rely on perfect lines or luxe elements to shine in the home decor. Rustic lighting fixtures focus on the raw elements of nature and bring the beauty of the outdoors inside in a way. Now take a quick look at the characteristics you have to get right while choosing the rustic lighting fixtures to light up your home. 

1. Focussing on the right colour palette

When you’re picking the rustic lighting fixtures for your home, it is important to get the colours right. You have to make sure that the lighting fixtures flaunt the following primary colours – wood grains or browns, beiges, or warmer shades of white. It is basically getting any colour that’s found in the environment, be it forest greens, tans or anything related. And if the lighting fixtures boast accents then make sure they are muted reds, blacks, blues or plaid patterns that can suit the scene too. And for metal finishes, you need to make sure that there are either iron, copper, brass or bronze accents. And if you get any one of these wrong, then it defeats the purpose of getting rustic fixtures for your homes. 

2. Design 

Rustic design is popular in the design scene because of the excessive use of raw and simplistic natural elements. And another advantage of flaunting this design is that you don’t have to focus on lighting fixtures with clear lines or worry about creating a symmetrical scene indoors. All you have to focus on is creating an inviting atmosphere with the lighting fixtures. The rougher the finish of the lighting fixtures is, the better. You can get lighting fixtures embellished with wood, stones or stone veneer and lighting fixtures with faux fur and antlers will sit well too. 

3. Complementing the lighting fixtures with the decor 

When it comes to getting the rustic look right, it’s not just about the lights. You need to have an ambience that complements your effervescent lighting fixtures. Wood is essential to the rustic design language, you can install your rustic lighting fixtures next to wooden beams, wooden furniture or hardwood panels. Rustic designs also sit very well next to the fireplace. 

What kind of rustic features to go for? 

You can go for numerous rustic designs to light up your space but it is necessary to choose function over form. If you want to enhance the functionality of a space, then you can go for rustic pendants or ceiling lights or chandeliers in some cases too. And if you’re looking forward to enhancing the ambience of the space, then table lamps, floor lampsand wall lights will suit your purpose best. Make sure all the lighting fixtures you choose fit the above criteria to create a perfectly rustic look. 

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