Creating a Kickstarter Video

Creating a Kickstarter Video Production From Scratch

Kickstarter video Production are all the rage nowadays.

However, the biggest question that arises is how does one create a Kickstarter video from scratch?

Firstly many might or might not know what a Kickstarter video is.

Kickstarter video is a video that is a mixture of the three video styles; commercial, product launch, and documentary.

People run Kickstarter videos to raise money and let the viewers know why the money has gotten needed and how it will benefit them.

Let us look at below how a person can create a Kickstarter video from scratch.

Making Kickstarter Video from Scratch

If you are making a Kickstarter video from scratch or have a draft/prewritten script, employing a creative agency is the road to creating a Kickstarter video. 

The creative agency that you choose should understand and have the knowledge of developing a video and writing a script. 

The main focus of a Kickstarter video is what end result will get seen by the viewers. 

We have to be honest that not all viewers will give your Kickstarter video their undivided attention. 

Therefore, ensuring the video is entertaining and interesting will catch viewers’ attention and get the response you wish to see from them. 

A Kickstarter campaign with a video is 50% more successful than other campaigns or a Kickstarter campaign without a video. 


A video conveys the motive, sentiments, and goals behind a project. 

The goal of a Kickstarter video is to attract people and convince them to become investors. 

What makes a Kickstarter video Production great?

A great Kickstarter video production gets made when you’re an honest and passionate person who wished to provide a product or service that you believe in. 

Investors, the viewers should understand your plans and know who they will be investing in. 

A few factors that will ensure you create a great Kickstarter video include:

  • Letting the viewers see and hear the person behind the video, so the founder, owner.
  • Ensuring the video is visually appealing will catch the viewer’s attention.  
  • A viewer has an average attention span of 8.25 seconds. So ensure that from the start the video is creative and interesting. 
  • Do not add random or too much content. Keep it short and focused on the crucial aspects. 
  • Be honest and transparent throughout the video with your vision and wants. 
  • Always thank the audience for watching. Never forget to say thank you.

These small yet important things inspire the audience and provide you the benefit you need for your product or service. 

Questions your Kickstarter Video Production should Answer 

Your Kickstarter video production should answer the following questions to their audience:

  • What your product or service is?
  • Why you chose this product or service, or why you care about it?
  • What vision do you see for your product or service in the future?
  • What makes your product or service the best to chose or stand out from other products?
  • Why should the audience invest in you?
  • What is the benefit the audience will get?
  • Are there any vulnerabilities, and if there are, how do you plan to solve them?
  • How the audience can become your sponsor?

Answering these questions in your Kickstarter video will for sure make the audience understand not only you but your vision for your product or service.

Final Thoughts

Creating a Kickstarter video production from scratch is not complex when you have the right guidance and planning from the beginning. A Kickstarter video campaign will stand out from other campaigns when it has a compelling and eye-catching video. Put yourself in the viewer’s seat and make your Kickstarter video according to that. Ask yourself whether your Kickstarter video would grab your attention as a viewer or not.

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