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Create your own multi-glass display screen

After the re-introduction of multi-touch technology into the world of scientists, inventors, and enthusiasts, the novelty of many people has been taken away. If you are one of these enthusiasts who wants to develop your own multi-touch display screen, you must know that you need several things to develop hardware to interact with multi-touch software.

The first thing you need is a platform that will be able to protect your assembly from ambient light. This type of light interferes with the normal functioning of a multi-touch system and therefore it is essential not to let any ambient light inside. Opening for a multi-glass display screen

Next, you will need a smooth and clean acrylic glass measuring about twenty-four inches in length, eighteen inches in width, and one-fourth of an inch in thickness. It would be a good size to start already and moreover, you do not have to spend a lot of money on such measurements. In fact, you can buy it from any glass shop for only forty dollars or less.

The next important component is an infrared light that can usually be purchased at any electronics store. It looks like a clear colored LED light but if you try to connect it to an electric current, you cannot see it illuminated using your naked eye. If you use an infrared camera, you will be able to make it shine brighter.

Try to get one that has a higher intensity so that it can easily detect any movement on the multi-touch display surface. You will need about twenty-five pieces of this light and will be arranged in such a way that you will be able to place all twenty-five on both ends of the acrylic glass.

To stop the image from going through the glass, you will need a diffuser to attach to the acrylic glass. Ordinary Velma with a thin layer of silicone gel will work. This will efficiently close and “scatter” the image, allowing the viewer to see the image in acrylic glass.

How to maintain a digital camera display screen

Now, May Day is coming.  You must carry your mobile phone, digital camera or MP4 player. Yes, a digital camera comes to be your partner again.

Nowadays wholesale digital cameras are very popular in the market. Do you know the difference between a digital camera and a conventional camera? Digital owns a digital LCD screen that can be used to view pictures at any time. Typically, it comes with a TFT screen.

What on earth is TFT? It consists of a polarizing plate, a glass substrate, a thin-film transistor, liquid crystal material, a guide plate, a fluorescent tube, etc. For LCD screens, the backlight is the light from the tube. This light source first passes through the polarizing plate and then through the LCD.

On different sides, we can feel different colors and contrast grades, as most of the beams are coming out vertically. If we lean towards all-white images, we will see that it is black or distorted in color.

The camera LCD is very expensive and delicate. So users must be careful in operation and maintain well at other times. Collisions with solid objects should be carefully avoided. Otherwise, it must be damaged.

LCD screens are easy to get dirty. It is better to use clean and dry cloths like lens cloths and spectacles cloths. And do not use organic solvents. The performance of the LCD glass display screen will vary according to the temperature. It is normal that LCD screens come with poor brightness at low temperatures.

Then you need an infrared camera, a simple mirror cut to the size of eight by eight by twelve inches, and naturally, a projector that will beam the image on the multi-touch display panel you created.  Just try to disconnect any ordinary web camera, open its IR filter, and you will have a functional infrared camera.

In fact, anyone can create their own multi-touch technology display panel. With the right materials and a little patience, you will be able to create your first multi-touch display.

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