At present, almost all those companies, brands or organizations have within their digital marketing strategy; both on social networks and on their web pages. The so-called animated videos, this means relatively short videos, mostly animated that explain a job in a super simple way.

It is even more than necessary to have an animated video, in any brand, organization or company. This is because animated videos are usually much simpler and more fun to spread any type of message.

The message, without a doubt, can be whatever it is, only that it is related to your company. Now, surely, first of all, some questions and doubts come to you, such as: How are these animated videos made? Do I have to hire someone to do it? How much will I invest to be able to make animated videos?

Well, you definitely need a best free animation software that will help you in create an animation video at an ease. This software must be user friendly and loaded with ready templates on which a user can directly work. One such software is Mango Animate Animation Software that has the capability to produce beautiful animated video that looks like a pro.  There are images, SVGs, animation widgets and other charts required for animation creation. If you want to leave an everlasting experience on your viewers , then this software enables you to do it with the help of its special feature of voice recording and write down everything in the form of subtitles.

Advantages of using animated videos on a web page

According to data from several European consulting firms that measure Internet consumption in the world, it can be deduced that audiovisual content is the most effective sales tool. Spain is the second country in the European Union where more videos are viewed. It is also the country where users spend the most time sharing and watching videos. In this way, if audiovisual content is one of the most relevant and occupies an important place in the preference of Internet users, why not opt ​​for animated video for our business.

Finally, summarizing the above, these would be the 5 great advantages of using animated videos on your website:

  • It is the best way to attract traffic to the website of your business or company.
  • It is a special way of telling stories related to your company, a different way of generating publicity, as well as a practical way of guiding and informing about procedures.
  • Videos enjoy better web positioning in search engines.
  • Videos have the ability to better capture customer attention by stimulating ideas and trends.
  • The videos can be personalized and adapted to any requirement of social networks and computer media.


Without a doubt, if you want to be successful in digital marketing or in another area in the digital world, you should bet on video. To do this, create animated videos for your digital marketing strategy, with this you will achieve greater results and a greater number of audiences.

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