Craving For Some Solo Travel? Here Are The Safest Countries For You

Traveling solo is rewarding – you can venture off wherever your heart takes you, pick your own experiences, and make new friends along the way. Getting to travel on your own terms is utterly liberating. It can, however, also be nerve-wracking: all those details, from foreign currency to alien roads, that you must figure out all on your own. We wouldn’t want the hurdles to get in the way of you daring to fly solo — so, we bring you the list of some of the safest countries for solo travellers – especially ideal for first-timers.  

So, gather your courage, book your tickets, and prepare to embark on that solo travel adventure that has been appearing in your dreams. 

1. Iceland  

Don’t be fooled by the country’s love of crime fiction, Iceland is very safe! It is in fact the safest country in the world according to the Global Peace Index.  

From the many active volcanoes to the unreal black sand beaches, from the geothermal waters of the blue lagoon to the beguiling caves and glaciers, Iceland has many wonders that could make you feel like you’re traveling off the beaten path, even if it is quite a popular destination.  

Start by visiting the state museum enriched with the country’s history in Reykjavik or go whale watching in Faxaflói. No matter what you do, happiness and excitement are constant in every season, in Iceland. The other thing you can find in both, summer and winter, are guided tours, depending on your interests. You could combine the independence of solo travel with the insights of local expert guides on daily visits to explore new places. It might even give you a chance to meet fellow travellers or befriend likeminded people, as English is widely spoken in Iceland.  

2. Portugal  

If budget travel is what you’re looking for, look no further than Portugal. Sharing an alluring coastline with the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal is a quaint small country with cosmopolitan cities, rustic towns and villages decorated with rococo-style architecture. What’s better? It’s more affordable than many of its neighbors. 

Its southern reaches continue to be an enticing vacation destination, renowned for its gloriously sandy beaches and world-class golf courses. Meanwhile, the country’s interior is rich in contrast — from rolling plains and gushing rivers to remote mountain ranges.  

What makes it perfect for a solo trip, however, is that it’s generally safe, easy to get around, completely charming and filled with friendly people. Spend all your time traveling the country’s many attractions like the vineyards, UNESCO heritage sites, etc., and you will be captivated by its flavors, colors and warmth. 

3. Denmark  

Plenty of solo travellers have already discovered that Scandinavia is the place to be. The Scandinavian countries are known for their high standards of health and safety: You can drink the water from the tap. You can shop without aggressive haggling. Catcalling on the streets is not common. This equality-minded region is also well known as an LGBT-friendly destination. 

What’s more? Scandinavia is known as a natural wellness destination. This means you’ll also find a good range of vegetarian, vegan and organic foods as well as plentiful running paths, traditional saunas and other invigorating activities. 

Crowned as the second happiest country in the world, Denmark is one of the best Scandinavian destinations for a solo traveler to explore. It is easy to get around thanks to its famous bicycle culture. In fact, more people bike in Copenhagen than drive a car. Many hotels here rent bikes to guests, and there is also a network of inexpensive city bikes for short-term use. 

The vivid and colorful townhouses lining the canal and wooden ships rowing on the calm North Sea at Copenhagen – are a sight to behold. Get your adrenaline rush at Tivoli Gardens, an amusement park that also features some beautiful flower gardens, fountains, and an aquarium.  

Shakespeare enthusiasts should visit Kronborg Castle, the UNESCO World Heritage site that inspired Elsinore Castle in Hamlet. If you’re a history buff, take a train to Hillerød to explore the Frederiksborg Castle and learn about Danish history. 

And the best part? It’s not hard to stay digitally connected during your holiday… if you want to be. That’s because the Nordic countries lead the world in internet usage. Whether you want to post on social media, upload videos of your adventures, locate a destination or find out about different experiences you can have, the countless free hotspots in Denmark make this easy to do.  

4. New Zealand 

New Zealand is a popular destination for solo backpackers, outdoor enthusiasts, and thrill-seekers, possibly because it is the world’s second most peaceful country, according to the Global Peace Index.  

Take a cruise through the waterfall of Milford Sound, fjords, rainforests; Heli-hike through Franz Josef Glacier; trek to the magnificent Tongariro Alpine Crossing; visit the Waitomo Glow-worm Caves, or go whale-watching in the Bay of Plenty. 

Take a day trip to Waiheke Island for wine tours or visit the Hobbiton Movie Set (a must-visit for the Lord of the Rings fan) to explore the real-life version of The Shire. With so much to see and do, you won’t miss having a travel companion. 

5. Netherlands 

The Netherlands is a great place for first-time solo travelers to get their feet wet. Due to the massive network of well-kept bike paths that cover the Dutch countryside, it is actually possible to cycle between most cities in the Netherlands. Even relatively inexperienced cyclists should be able to complete shorter intercity routes without much difficulty.  

Do as the locals do in Amsterdam, with its laid-back and friendly culture. Begin in Vondelpark, a popular urban park, and cycle to world-famous museums such as the Van Gogh Museum, passing through the city’s picturesque canals and bridges along the way.  

While staying put in Amsterdam might be tempting, there is considerably more to the Netherlands than its capital. Rotterdam, for example, is renowned for its nightlife, modern architecture and art scene. Utrecht has a massive student population and many bars, clubs and cafés associated with university life. Hanging out with the younger crowds and making new friends might lead you to some of the most unexpected adventures and experiences. 

Want to catch the famous tulip festival of the Netherlands? Visit Holland between mid-April and the first week of May.  

Well, we think you’re all ready now to embark on your solo trip and spent some quality time with yourself. A small tip for the first-timers, always book your flights and stays from a trusted site.   

Also, before leaving for your solo trip, learn about the challenges of solo traveling and how to beat them from experienced travelers. Tune in to Travelxp Watch and get access to travel documentaries and shows covering backpacking as well as luxurious travel adventures from around the globe.

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