With everything getting digital and fast-paced, people also have less time for socializing and other entertainment activities. In this situation, video games are getting popular among the masses, especially among the young-adult generation. One of the video games out of many is the Counter-Strike Global Offensive.

CSGO has been a popular game for a very long time and still is. It is a shooting multiplayer video game with great graphics and other characteristics such as different skins, weapons, different game modes, and in-game currencies. It was launched on August 12, 2012, by Hidden Path and Valve and ran on the platforms such as Windows, Xbox, OS x, Linux.


It is a multiplayer shooting game that can be played online and in an offline mode with the bots. It is played in two teams where one team acts as a terrorist whose objective is to plant a bomb, and the other team acts as a counter-terrorists whose object is to defuse the bomb or rescue the hostages. The player gets rewards for every kill and penalty if he kills his teammate. Each player gets in-game currencies based on his performance, which he can use to buy weapons for the next level. The game has a total of 9 game modes with different graphics and characteristics.


There are two types of CSGO accounts:

  • Prime Account

A Prime account is achieved by a player when he reaches level 21 or more. The phone number has to be verified to get the prime account. There is a matchmaking system that matches the prime player to another prime player only. There are fewer chances of getting matched to a cheater in a prime account. You can Buy CSGO Accounts from myownrank.

  • Smurf Account

A Smurf account is an extra account created by a high- ranking player to play with a lower ranking player. It is also a product of the game’s matchmaking system that the player is matched with another player according to his desired skills.


A CSGO Smurf Accounts is an added advantage when it comes to CSGO. It is a matchmaking concept where a higher rank player buys a smurf account to play with the player of a lower rank. It is a multiplayer game and is played by the players to enhance their gaming skills and boost their confidence. The fame and demand of the game have led to many smurf accounts by different websites. Smurf account gives the players the chance and satisfaction of winning several times over the inexperienced players. They also remain stress-free as the players don’t have to worry about maintaining the team’s prime account status.


  • These are available at very cheap rates.
  • There is a chance for the players to improve their skills and boost confidence.
  • It is not illegal.
  • The player is free to play according to his own desired skill level.
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