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While earlier companies would only check the skills, education and experience of the person they wish to hire, increasingly organizations are realizing that the mindset of the job seeker is also important. The employee will be productive at the workplace only if he has the right attitude, fits into the work culture, so they are also using counselors for preparing a psychological profile of each job applicant. This has increased the demand for trained counselors. Hence many students and others are interested in finding out about the counselling courses in Singapore, what is taught to the students and the career prospects.


To become a counselor, a student should complete a diploma or degree course in psychology, one of the most popular social sciences courses. Psychology is the study of human behavior due to conditioning and learning as well as the human mind. There are five different categories in psychology. The cognitive section deals with the human brain, clinical research involves observation and treatment while the social category studies how social factors affect behavior. There are also developmental and biological factors which affect the human behavior

Course content

The psychology course will first cover the theoretical aspects, the students will be taught the different theories regarding the human mind and behavior. They will then supplement the theory with practical applications, understanding how the theories which they have learned can be used to understand the behavior of people in real life. They will also be taught how to use the theories to resolve the problems which people face. The students will also be taught the research methodology, how to collect and record information on human behavior so that it can be used for research. In addition to the theory taught, the students also undergo practical training, visiting children’s homes, old age homes, mental health treatment centres and voluntary welfare organizations to understand the mindset of people, try to resolve their problems.


The students will also be taught the skills which they will require when they work as counselors. The communication skills which they are taught will help them get the information they require from the patients who have mental health problems, and others who are being observed. The student will be then taught to analyze the information which is provided to understand the cause of the problem, improving his analytical skills. The problem solving skills which are acquired by the student during the course will help them resolve the problems of their clients in a manner which is acceptable to all.

Career prospects

While the number of companies hiring the services of counselors either full time or part time is increasing, the traditional job opportunities for competent trained counselors remain. Schools have counselors who help students and hospitals hire counselors for counseling patients with mental health problems. Rehabs and de-addiction centres usually have counselors to help the addicted individuals overcome their problems. Many social service organizations helping distressed people also use the services of a counselor to help people get over their trauma or loss faster and lead a normal life.

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