Corporate Wellness Market Analysis, Evolving Opportunities Studied For The Period

The Corporate Wellness Market is likely to grow at the rate of 5.8% CAGR by 2027. Corporate wellness is a program implemented by organizations to intensify the health and wellbeing of their employees. It includes advantages to improve health and maximize production output and also health promotion strategies, policies. The services included in the program are weight management, fitness services, nutrition, dietary facilities, stress management activities, health screening, and smoking cessation sessions. Large and medium-scale organizations deploying corporate wellness are allotting nap rooms, providing wearable health trackers, gym services, yoga sessions, and mindfulness workshops.

The key behind the growth of the corporate wellness market is a considerable increase in the incidence of chronic diseases across the world and the deployment of an inactive lifestyle. Further, the economic benefits of these programs and proliferating awareness and implementation of wellness programs by employers are also accelerating the corporate wellness market growth. But, the cost incurred to adopt the corporate wellness programs will hamper the market growth.

In the corporate wellness market based on services, the health risk assessment segment is anticipated to hold the predominant share in the market. This is due to the growing adoption of health risk assessment services by various employers worldwide to identify health risks and implement the proper interventional strategies that enhance the health fitness of the employees. Moreover, increasing awareness about corporate health risks has also enhanced the segment growth.

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Further, based on the end-use, the large-scale organization’s segment is witnessing significant growth over the forecast period in the market. The segment’s growth is ascribed to the increasing number of large-scale organizations investing in health screening services for better employee care and health screening programs at frequent intervals to keep a health check, promote preventive care, and reduce treatment costs. Further, the implementation of corporate wellness programs assists in tracking several diseases, which encourages large-scale organizations to adopt corporate wellness programs.

As per the market by category, the healthcare and nutrition consultants segment is exhibiting considerable growth over the coming years. Healthcare consultants render several services such as medication, exercise, nutrition, character strength, and behavioral health. In addition, the number of programs provides diversified solutions based on the individual health status, thereby enhancing segmental growth.

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