Cork Underlayment Compliments Hardwood

Traditional hardwood is visually pleasing, but quite harsh on the feet and ankles. Plus, hardwood doesn’t provide the warmth and comfort needed during cooler seasons. With this in mind, many families are turning to cork underlayment for that added warmth and comfort missing from traditional wood flooring.

WHY Cork Underlay?

Cork provides a natural sound barrier in the home, and gives an extra layer of thermal insulation that traditional wood flooring lacks. Cork resists moisture and mold, and is hypo-allergic for anyone suffering sinus or allergy problem. Cork is eco-friendly and the material has flame resistant properties not found in normal underlayment.

Furthermore, cork underlayment is affordable and can be used under hardwood, laminate, bamboo, and other flooring types.  

Cork Properties

Cork underlayment can be delivered in sheets or rolls depending on the project and how you prefer to handle it. Cork Direct’s underlayment is for residential and commercial jobs, and can be shipped directly to the consumer.

Underlay can be purchased in one eight, one quarter, or half inch thickness. ½ Inch cork provides more cushion and sound protection throughout the home, but the other sizes maybe preferable with different types of wood.  All are environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic, and resilient (cork keep true form).

Cork Renewable & Sustainable

Cork is an inherently sustainable resource found and harvested from the cork oak tree. Many people per cork underlayment over regular underlay for this reason. Harvesting cork doesn’t require cutting down trees. The cork is stripped from the tree trunks every nine years.

This makes cork economically beneficial to the industry and the end user. 

Finally, traditional hardwood maybe your first choice or not, but whatever the case consider adding that extra layer of comfort to your flooring by installing cork underlay. You’ll have the look and feel you desire with an added layer of comfort and warmth to make your floors perfect for years to come.  Plus, the low cost of cork underlayment makes the added value a no brainer.

Want Learn More AbTo out Cork Sheets and Rolls

To learn more about cork, the benefits, and how you get cork in your home… visit https://corkdirect.com

Cork Direct is a division of Special Hardwood Products Inc.  Special Hardwood recently celebrated its 30th year in the hardwood industry. The company specializes in the nationwide distribution of environmentally friendly and pet friendly products.  Cork Direct distributes cork underlayment throughout the U.S. Our office and is located in Oxford, GA.  A suburb in the Greater Atlanta area. 

Cork Direct has a very friendly staff, that’s knowledgeable and here to aid you in buying decision. Our office hours are Monday – Friday, 8am to 4pm. So, feel free to email us at [email protected] for questions and concerns.