Cool Outdoor Umbrella Designs

Cool Outdoor Umbrella Designs To Beat The Heat

1. The Shade Leaf Umbrella

The Shade Leaf Umbrella is designed to protect a small area like a recliner or a small table. So, it functions as a fantastic pool umbrella, albeit with a small canopy. It is also shaped like a big tropical leaf and comes in a wide range of bright colour options. This gives it a very exotic tropical vibe. The Shade Leaf Umbrella is robust and practical in its construction and its frame is made from corrosion resistant aluminium. 

The canopy is connected to the frame via a telescopic pole that lets it extend above your guests’ seat and gives them much needed shade all day. You can rotate the leaf shaped canopy 360 degrees so that you can track the sun and block it.

2. The Offset Patio Umbrella

The offset patio umbrella has an offset post. It doesn’t interfere with the furniture setup and you can be generous with your seating arrangement. It doesn’t require an old fashioned centre table with a hole in the middle for the centre-pole of the traditional outdoor umbrella to pass through. This lets you get really creative with the table design. You can also place poolside lounges in the shade of your patio umbrella and use it as a pool umbrella

The frame of the offset patio umbrella is made from sturdy marine-grade alloys. Corrosion-resistant steel and powder coated aluminium are the most preferred materials for frame design.  The anti-rust coating on the metal surface stops rust from forming. 

An offset patio umbrella has a flat base that comes with two mounting options – the free-standing one and the fixed-base one. The canopy is made from UV and water proof fabrics like olefin, polyester and acrylic. They come in various shapes and sizes. The square and rectangular canopies lend your patio a minimalist chic look. 

You can always have custom colours and design patterns printed on the canopy. If you are planning to use café umbrellas to commercialise an outdoor space, go for the offset patio umbrella to create an outdoor café with a modern touch.

3. The Beach Umbrella

The beach umbrella is the all-important accessory for your trips to the sandy beaches. It is light enough to be carried around and its frame is made of lightweight and sturdy materials like PVC, fibreglass and aluminium. 

The standard beach umbrella comes with a pointy bottom to help you fix the umbrella firmly into the beach-sand. Some smaller variations of the beach umbrella come with clamps at the end of the poles to fix your umbrella to your lounge chair. 

The umbrella canopy can make you stand out in the beach crowd. A two tiered top with contrasting colours, bold patterns, a scalloped valance and other design cues make your umbrella your personalized fashion statement.

4. Umbrella Mosquito Net

If you want to keep the bugs out when you enjoy the outdoors, use an umbrella mosquito net. It is an accessory crafted for the outdoor market umbrella. Just toss it over your umbrella and let it drop on all sides and touch the ground. Now you have your own shade in the outdoors, where you can enjoy a nice brunch with family and friends without having to worry about the bugs.

5. Tropical Thach Umbrella Cover

This is a cool variation of the traditional canopy design! The Tropical Thatch Umbrella Cover is made from genuine palm fronds and can be used as an extra layer on top of the canopy. This lets your outdoor umbrella gel seamlessly with your outdoor setting and gives your outdoor space an organic vibe.

6. The Pagoda Umbrella

Another unique variation of the market umbrella canopy, the Pagoda Umbrella is designed to resemble a Pagoda. A pulley-operated mechanism is used to unfurl the canopy and the centre-pole is generally made of wood to give the umbrella a quaint look. With the Pagoda Umbrella, your patio looks striking and stands out in the neighbourhood with aplomb. 

7. The Square Sail Sunshade 

The Square Sail Sunshade has a very minimalist design. It does away with a rigid frame in favour of a simple square canopy that resembles the sail of a boat. It has nylon ropes fastened to each corner to let you hoist it over the area you want to cover. With the Square Sail Sunshade, you can block the sun without a fuss in your poolside or patio and host your guests in its cool shade. 

8. The Rectangular Umbrella

Outdoor umbrellas come with canopies of various shapes. The square canopy is a modern take on the traditional canopy design. A little mathematics will tell you that a square canopy offers more shade than a classic octagonal canopy of the same size. 

Square canopies are generally employed by the best cantilever umbrellas in the market and the whole setup lends your patio a chic vibe. 

The canopy is made from durable UV and water proof materials and you can choose from a wide range of attractive colours and design patterns to go with your décor. 

9. The Wall Umbrella

The wall umbrella or the wall-mounted cantilever umbrella is best suited for places where the outdoor space isn’t large enough to accommodate a side-post umbrella. If you have a small outdoor space but still want to convert it into a lounge for your guests, use the wall-mounted cantilever umbrella as a shade solution. Your guests will love to chill in this makeshift lounge. 

These are some of the iterations of your favourite market umbrella. Choose one that suits your purpose and outdoor décor.  

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