Content Intelligence Market Drivers & Growth Opportunity

The growth of the internet and the adoption of digital transformation technologies across the industry are leading into the generation of the enormous volume of data. For instance, WordPress, a popular content management system (CMS) platform that powers 35.2% of all sites on the web, reports as of March 2020 each month it generates over 409 million people viewing 20 billion pages with 70 million new posts.

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– Also, research conducted by Adobe Inc states that the average person spends around 7.8 hours a day interacting with digital content with teenagers reporting 11.1 hours a day. Furthermore, there also has been a trend with users demand more personalized content.
– Modern marketers are starting to appreciate the importance and value of delivering useful content to capitalize on the growing digital content market amidst the competition, thereby content marketing strategies such as inbound marketing have become a dominant force.

Key Market Trends

Emerging Trends of Content Intelligence Across Industries

– Amidst the growth of internet traffic, marketers are now considering content strategies, such as personalization, as it allows organizations to look beyond traditional content marketing strategies based on users’ location and demographics to advanced information, like their behavior and social media activity. It leverages tools like content intelligence, thereby driving the growth of the market. For instance, media streaming platforms such as Youtube, Amazon Prime, Netflix actively use content personalization to increase user engagement.
– As with the growth of CRM platforms such as Salesforce Desk, Zoho CRM across the industry to help manage customer relationships efficiently and effectively added businesses considering implementing technologies such as AI into such platforms drive the potential growth of the content intelligence market.

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