Contemporary Home Interior Design Ideas

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Contemporary home design is often confused with modern interior design. However, did you know that contemporary décor stands in a class of its own?

The great thing about contemporary designs, is that they boast a classic look with a modern twist. Homes decorated in this style tend to have a warm, serene feel and there is a strong focus on stylish simplicity.

Here, we have teamed up with Stories Flooring to list some essential contemporary home interior design ideas you can utilise to give your home a stylish makeover.

Contemporary colour ideas

To create a contemporary interior, the first thing to focus on is the colour scheme. Contemporary homes feature a neutral backdrop, helping to ground the space. You can also bring in elements of black, white, and grey onto the walls and floor.

Contemporary home design does utilise pops of colour throughout. However, the backdrop always remains neutral.

Contemporary flooring ideas

Once you have your neutral backdrop, it’s time to upgrade your flooring. Contemporary style floors follow a seamless, natural design. Look for flooring that is smooth and bare, and that blends in effortlessly with your neutral backdrop.

Luxury vinyl tiles, SPC, laminate, engineered and hardwood floors are all ideal for contemporary settings. If you shop through a large flooring retailer such as Stories Flooring, you will find a huge choice of contemporary style floors available at budget-friendly prices. Think about the room you are installing the flooring in to determine the best type for your home.

Contemporary furniture ideas

Like the minimalist design, contemporary décor focuses on a less is more approach. You will want to invest in a few statement pieces of furniture that look clean, smooth, and that have straight lines and geometric silhouettes.

If you are upgrading your upholstery in a contemporary space, keep it natural and neutral. Cotton, linen, and silk are all great material ideas for a contemporary look. 

Contemporary lighting ideas

Contemporary style lighting has a stylish, smooth profile. It follows a minimal design, featuring curves and simple lines. Many contemporary lighting solutions come with the latest technology incorporated into their design. This includes strip LED lights, and modern recessed options.

Spotlights are another great option for contemporary spaces. You can use them to highlight features around the room such as pieces of art or statement ornaments.

Common contemporary design mistakes

Stories Flooring Unit 2 Wortley Business Park Amberley Road Leeds LS12 4BD 01133200223

Now you have discovered some of the basics of contemporary home design, it’s time to look at some common mistakes you’ll want to avoid.

Failing to add texture into the space is a common mistake that will leave your contemporary space feeling cold and uninviting. Ideally, you will want to add a mix of textures into the space, such as an area rug and cushions.

Another thing to avoid is loud, busy patterns. Contemporary style rooms have a clean, focused design that utilise a mostly neutral colour scheme. Adding busy patterns can kill a contemporary vibe, so make sure you keep it plain and simple. With that being said, you can create a two-tone neutral effect for a more interesting look.

Overall, creating a contemporary style space isn’t overly difficult. The above is some of the key things to utilise in your design, alongside the mistakes to avoid.

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