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How is Considered a Beautiful Stone Tomb, Cheap Price?

Today’s stone tomb is no stranger to us. It is not only a place to keep our roots, but also a place of worship that always plays an important role in spiritual values.

So, which are the most beautiful rock tomb samples in Ninh Binh today? Along Ninh Binh Phan Vinh Stone Fine Arts Village refer to the beautiful stone tomb mộ đá đẹp samples and the quotation of stone tombs right below this article.

How is considered a beautiful stone tomb, cheap price?

The stone tomb is an outdoor structure built around to bury the dead. It is a place to show affection, respect, love, as well as the heart of children and grandchildren for the deceased in the family and giá lăng mộ đá ninh bình family.

Today, with the socio-economic development, the need to build the stone tomb is increasingly high, in Ninh Binh Stone My Village, we specialize in crafting works, products, beautiful stone tomb models. high aesthetics and show product quality.

The beautiful stone tomb pattern includes many factors that makeup:

Using many different stone materials such as granite, green stone, yellow stone, white stone, .. The stone is carefully selected, meeting the criteria: old stone, monolithic without cracks, without patching to ensure durability and quality of the project.

Rich ideas and creations of architects create a variety of beautiful stone tomb designs.

Hand carved, drawn, skillful, professional, experienced workers in the profession.

Thanks to those factors, a beautiful stone tomb product with a variety of designs and styles has been created to meet the needs of the purpose as well as the needs of customers.

Sample of a beautiful and cheap stone tomb at Ninh Binh Phan Vinh Art Stone

Human life conditions are developing day by day. Besides material needs, spiritual values ​​are also interested. Among them, the family grave area is highly valued. So you know the beautiful family stone tomb models that are popular today or not?

Along with Ninh Binh Fine Arts Stone, admire the most beautiful stone tomb samples and stone tomb quotes below.

Stone shrine

This is the common worship part of the whole tomb, they are indispensable in each of these works. Stone tombs include two types of tombs: single stone tomb and wing stone shrine.

Single stone tomb: is a type of tomb usually with 2 blades, 3 blades carved according to your requirements.

The wing stone shrine: is carved with many unique patterns such as dragon, phoenix, cloud, bamboo, bamboo, lotus, … right in front of the body of the wing tomb is often engraved with the word Tho or the motifs of dragon fight, dragon scroll, the two pillars are often carved into the shape of a dragon rolling clouds.

Stone gate

The stone gate consists of 2 types: 2 columns and 4 columns. The column body is designed about a square with a moderate size of 25-30cm, usually made of green stone. The gate is usually made up of bronze pillars of stone, the top of the pillar is usually art, lamp or phoenix.

Stone railing, tomb fence

In order for the tomb to be beautiful, it is indispensable to find the fence, the surrounding railing, and protect the inner campus. They are usually made attached to the shrine and the entrance to form a solid, clear campus.

Stone tomb

An indispensable component in that tomb area are the stone tombs. The tomb includes many different products. That is:

Back-wheeled stone tomb

The posterior stone tomb is also known as the roofless stone tomb, the tam Son stone tomb. Is a simple design, small size, suitable for building in large numbers inside the tomb.

Despite the simple design and small size, the posterior stone tombs are still elaborately and subtly carved from the body on both sides to the base with patterns such as lotus, dragon, phoenix.

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