Components of the Electrical Distribution Boards

IndoAsian, a division of the Legrand Group in India, is an Indian brand with a bequest of consumer faith entrenched for six decades. Known for their frontrunner status, they established the groundbreaking production of 10kA breaking capacity MCBs and RCCBs in India, MCB distribution boards and persistently consigned high-quality products to the Indian market. Indo Asian provides different sizes of distribution boards where a switch disconnector controls each board.

Electrical Distribution Boards:

Electrical distribution board serves as an integral commission of every electrical induction. Its board evenly distributes the power supply through various circuits, provisioning different consumption points in the commercial or residential buildings. There are several different types of distribution boards in the market such as the electrical distribution boards in UK offered by Sparks Direct. The comprehensive supply of electrical power coming from the electrical network reaches to the building through one prime feeding cable. That feeding cable conveys the electrical power from the grid to the building and directly links to an electrical distribution board.


Electrical distribution boards include a special circuit breaker, which is the principal part of these board panels. Its primary function includes rending the total amount of electrical power and circulating it to a certain number of mini circuit breakers. Each of these mini breakers couples to a specific cable that drives to an individual power outlet, light circuit, or machine point. The 4-way distribution board is one kind. These cables, included in the distribution board, are placed on the opposite side of the principle feeding cable.

Main components of the Electrical Distribution Boards:


Busbars, also known as buses, are found throughout the whole power distribution system, right from generation and industrial plants to electrical distribution boards. They usually carry a considerable amount of current and distribute it to multiple circuits within the equipment. Fusible switches or plug-in devices with circuit breakers can be installed without de-energizing the busbars as per manufacturer’s specifications.

Fuse links or fuses powers as an overcurrent protective device that is heated and severed when the overcurrent passes through it. Fuses come in a different range of current, voltage and interrupting ratings. They are also manufactured based on indoor-outdoor applications and limiting the current categories.

3. Switches:

Switches are used for load interruption, isolation, and transferring service between various sources of supply. Isolating switches serve the purpose of providing disconnect to ensure safe access to the isolated equipment. As these switches do not have to interrupt current ratings, the circuit must be opened by other means like breakers.

4. Bypass equipment:

Bypass equipment includes the system of electric conductors through which all the non-current carrying metallic apparatus constructed within an industrial plant, are interconnected and very well-grounded.

The technical and structural characteristics of the electrical distribution boards may differ according to the requirements. Usually, these devices are constructed to match the specifications of verified regulations. Including a new or replacing the old components with devices that are not approved or tested, may create a very active threat to the safety of the electrical system as well as to the safety of the people present inside the building.

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