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Comparing The Two Types of Motorcycle Jack

Bike jacks function very similarly to their automotive counterparts, and most motorcycle owners could benefit from owning one. There are two main types of motorcycle jacks, and this article will attempt to compare between the two so you can decide which is the best option for you. Make sure that you know how to use a motorcycle jack before you purchase one, to avoid serious injury. 

What Is A Bike Jack?

As you would expect from its name, a motorbike jack is a device used to lift the bike off the floor, but more importantly, it is used to stabilise the bike. Because motorcycles are two wheeled, they have a tendency to fall over on the side, which is not optimal for anyone who is trying to get any work done on their motorcycle. So, a motorcycle jack can help you stabilize your bike as you change the tires or do any type of  work on it. 

Basic: Scissor Jack

This is the basic form of a motorbike jack, very similar to a car scissor jack. This type depends on your power (along with a bit of physics and engineering) to lift up the motorcycle. A spanner is needed to operate the scissor jack, allowing it to mechanically move the metal frame closer to each other or further apart based on your needs. They are affordable, and relatively easy to maintain, as there is no complex equipment involved. 

Advanced: Hydraulic Jack

A more sophisticated feat of engineering is required to create and understand the hydraulic bike jack. Like any hydraulic mechanism, it depends on a hydraulic pump. This means that a pump filled with liquid is used here, and although it is an easier process when compared to using a scissor jack, many motorcyclists don’t take too kindly to the hydraulic jack. This is mainly due to the added maintenance required to keep the device in top shape for other uses. However, it is worth mentioning that they are far easier to use, and do not require any physical effort on your part. They are more suitable for professionals who work on fixing bikes, 

 So Which Is A Better Choice?

Generally speaking, the scissor jacks are the more versatile option for more motorbike owners. The choice is ultimately up to you, but like we said before, hydraulic jacks are more suitable for professionals that may need to work with more than one bike simultaneously. Also, keep in mind that a scissor jack is very compact when not stretched out to lift a bike. Hydraulic jacks are much more bulky, and cannot be stored in smaller sizes  for convenience. 

A motorcycle jack is an essential piece of equipment for bike owners, especially if you plan on doing any type of work on your motorcycle. They can be a great help in an emergency situation where you would need to change the tire. Whether you get a scissor jack or a hydraulic one, you definitely need to buy one for safety purposes.

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