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Top 5 Communication Features an Office Phone System Must Have

Whether you’re starting a new business, moving an office, or expanding your company, the services of a professional phone system are an important aspect to consider. VoIP phone service is among the most flexible and affordable options out there. Its innumerable features make it especially appealing to remote businesses. If you compare the VoIP service providers, you may see there are dozens of features available for a business phone. But deciding on which features to include in your office phone is a big hustle.     

If you are considering upgrading your business phone system but don’t want to buy a bundle of hyper-sophisticated features that are possibly not relevant to your business size or services, this blog post is the best guide for you. Here we have enlisted a handful of basic features that will be most important to you for your business communications.  

Mobility Feature:

Since the outburst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the workforce has become more mobile than ever before. So, it has become essential for businesses to have a phone system that can aid to communicate as effectively from the road as it does from the desk. There are many features like the find-me and anywhere (also known as twinning) that enable users to receive calls on a mobile device.   

They also help users to transfer calls seamlessly with a desk phone and place outgoing calls from mobile devices. These features, as well as click-to-dial call control, on-phone corporate directory, and others enable employees to be more efficient and productive, regardless of their location. 

Conferencing Feature:

Being able to bring employees and clients in on your call is a huge help when you’re running your business remotely. Meetings have a great significance in business communication, and with a conference-calling feature, you don’t necessarily have to hold in-person meetings. This business phone feature is much easier to handle than setting up a conference bridge (one of those dial-in conferencing numbers). It is also simpler than organizing people around specific conferencing software. 

You simply have to call the first person, say hello, and press the conference button. The first person will be on hold while you dial the second participant, then on pressing the button, the 3-way call will begin. Some communication technologies like VoIP phone service support even more than 3 parties, which opens up the possibilities considerably. 

Automated Attendant for Office Phone:

This is an important feature for every business communication. You must act professionally even if you are not in your office or at a place you cannot attend your client’s call. An automated attendant in that case is an excellent stand-in receptionist. It can come with a range of customizable features such as touch-tone options routing to specific extensions. 

Unified Messaging Feature:

The UM feature delivers different types of messaging like voice mail, email, and fax to a single email inbox. Unified Messaging enables users to receive a voicemail on the handset. A .wav file of the message is delivered to email, and you will receive an SMS notification alert of that. This means it facilitates users to share and manage their communications in the most convenient and effective way.  

You can consider this as a mobility feature because it is especially helpful to road warriors. While on the road, users can quickly and easily hear their voicemails without having to dial in. Moreover, you can also find a VoIP service provider that offers voicemail transcription. With this feature, you will receive a transcription as an email along with the audio recording file attachment. 

Integrated Instant Messaging Feature:

Integrated Instant Messaging feature helps your staff collaborate better. When integrated with all staff calendars and phone systems, it enables everyone to keep track of each other’s availability in real-time. This means you will be able to see if your colleagues are in a meeting or already on a call. It is a valuable feature especially if you have a large workforce who need to keep track of each other. 

Wrap Up:

With the evolution of technology, the premise-based phone system has reached end-of-life. Hence, you have to explore your options for a new system. It’s very important to identify your needs and then choose an office phone that has all the important features you need for your business to be competitive. And VoIP technology (a Cloud-based phone system) is especially offering many exciting features that can improve your productivity and collaboration. So, go for VoIP if you want the best communication channel.  

Lolitta Dozier

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