Common Washing Machine Problems

In this modern era, the washing machine is one of the household electronic products that is needed and has a very big role in helping to complete household chores, especially washing clothes.

However, washing machines, like other electronic equipment, can fail at any time. Whether it’s due to excessive use, because it’s too old, or it could be due to human error.

There are various common problems with washing machines that can be solved by yourself, but there are also some that need special attention and must be repaired by a professional technician.

Common Washing Machine Problems

The washing machine is totally dead

When the washing machine dies or does not turn on at all, do not rush to blame the module or the power supply. Because it could be that the washing machine dies because of an electrical plug (cable) that is not plugged in properly.

If the power cord has been checked and nothing is wrong, then you can suspect the power supply or the washing machine module. For those of you who are new, the easiest way to solve this problem is to replace the module.

You can easily find a washing machine module in online stores or electronics stores in your city. The price is quite varied depending on the type, quality, and where to buy it. The washing machine module can be replaced by yourself with a simple tool in the form of a screwdriver.

Or if you don’t have the time and don’t know how, then don’t hesitate to contact a professional technician in your city.

Leaking washing machine

If you find a sudden puddle of water around the washing machine, immediately check your washing machine on the hose and pump. In addition to checking the hose and pump, you can also suspect that you used too much detergent when washing.

If it turns out that the washing machine has a leak due to a hose that is too old or there is a leak in the pump, immediately fix the problem by:

● Replace the old hose with a new one
● Make sure the drain hose is properly attached and connected properly
● Make sure the drain is not clogged
● Also, check the water supply hose on the back; it might be damaged or loose
● Replace the washing machine pump with a new one. If it turns out that the leak is the washing machine water pump

The washing machine is electrifying

A washing machine that uses electricity and is in direct contact with water has the potential to cause problems such as electrocution. Therefore, you must be careful when using the washing machine. And if the washing machine is electrocuted, you should do the following steps:

● Check the socket to make sure that the socket is not damaged.
● An electrocuted washing machine can also be caused by an electric leak in the dynamo motor. If the cause of the washing machine electrocution is due to the dynamo, the best way to fix it is by grounding it. The washing machine dynamo can be damaged quickly if the washing machine is placed in an uneven place.
● The washing machine is in a humid place or is frequently exposed to water. Placing the washing machine in the bathroom or near the bathroom door is very dangerous. Therefore, place the washing machine in a dry place away from splashing water.

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