Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Journey to Sobriety

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Journey to Sobriety

If you’re not where you’d love to be in your career or life, never let yourself believe you cannot change everything for the better.  There is no essence of allowing your future to be limited by your current situation.  You want to make your life and that of your family better, and it cannot happen if you keep getting back to the same old habits.

Well, that’s why you decided to fight off your alcohol or drug addiction problem in the first place.  After all, it is the only way to steer yourself towards a more fulfilled and happy life. The problem sets in when you have to stay sober for the rest of your life.  With plenty of chances to make mistakes, you may throw yourself back to your old ways of life.

The good news is you can overcome these hurdles and change your life for the better. That said, here are three common mistakes you must avoid at all costs in your journey to sobriety.

Taking the Solo Route

When trying to stay sober after a drug or alcohol addiction, perhaps the hardest decision is accepting you have a problem. Sure, you may not want to have new friends right after coming out of a sober living Orange County home, and that is understandable. But that doesn’t imply you should stay confined in your home and deal with problems on your own.

Isolating yourself after overcoming a drug addiction complicates things even further. The more you isolate yourself, the higher your chances of developing mental health complications, or even getting back to your old habits. At the very least, join social groups and interact with people who have followed the same path to recovery.

Dating Too Early

Once you overcome your substance abuse problem and work on your sobriety, you need to avoid relationships in your first year. Unfortunately, it is still common to come across individuals who jump right back into dating.  What they fail to realize is that they might be digging their own grave.

Remember, taking care of yourself in early sobriety is already a mammoth task and adding someone into the equation only leads to disaster.  Worse, heartbreak can be all the more tempting, and before you know it, you’re taking alcohol or drugs. That’s why you should try as much as possible to avoid getting into a new relationship earlier on.

Forgetting the Rest of Your Life

Although there is nothing wrong with staying at a sober living Orange County Ca home long enough, you still have a life to live. Whereas some people can get sucked into their new way of life easily, others live and breathe sobriety.  Doing this will never help you with anything since your life is at a standstill.

To be safe, try partaking in constructive things that make you happy. The secret lies in figuring the hobbies and passions that blend perfectly with your journey to sobriety. It is only then that you can strike the perfect balance between staying sober and the rest of your life.

In Conclusion

Recovery from addiction is a bumpy road, and everyone makes mistakes.  Be sure to learn from your mistakes and those made by other recovering addicts for things to turn out the way you expect.  Keep in mind recovery doesn’t end with treatment, and you have a role to play.

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