Did you know truck accidents account for the highest number of traffic deaths in Indiana? The fatality rate is even higher when the accident involves a heavily loaded commercial truck and a small vehicle. Due to the difference in weight, the passengers in the smaller car suffer the most severe injuries in a truck accident. 

On most occasions, truck accidents are caused by driver negligence, so they are avoidable. If you or your loved one is involved in a truck accident where negligence plays a part, it is advisable to seek the legal help of a truck accident law firm like Craig, Kelly & Faultless LLC.

Let’s discuss the common injuries resulting from truck accidents in Indiana.

Traumatic head and brain injuries

The impact of truck accidents is more likely to result in head and brain injuries for the victims. Traumatic brain injuries include blunt head trauma, concussions, physical harm to the head or brain, and lacerations to the brain. 

Minor lacerations on the brain may be hard to see on the standard imaging tests, so special X-rays and CT scans may be required to detect these head and brain changes. Traumatic head injuries may come with symptoms like severe headaches, memory problems, difficulty concentrating, sleeping difficulty, and mood problems. They are serious and can cause havoc in the victim’s life.

Broken bones

Broken bones may sound like an injury that is not severe and may heal over time naturally. However, fractures can lead to temporary or long-term disability because adult bones take longer to heal. Some may require extensive surgeries, leading to rods, screws, and pins being inserted in the body to hold the bones together. 

Broken bones can cause immense pain and suffering for the victim, and they may have to restructure their lives to accommodate the use of walking aids. Some fractures have the risks of infection, internal bleeding, nerve damage, and permanent deformity.

Back and neck injuries.

The impact of a truck accident is severe enough to cause death leave alone painful back and neck injuries. Many who survive truck accidents suffer muscle strains, ligament injuries, and tendon injuries. When the protective discs in the spinal column are affected, they collapse, impacting the spinal nerves. That can lead to debilitating symptoms and suffering, which may linger for the long term.

Spinal injury

This is the severest injury one can suffer in a truck accident as it may result in permanent disability. The spinal column holds the central nervous system, where the messages from the brain to the rest of the body communicate. Therefore a spinal injury cuts off that communication and the person may require assistance doing everyday activities.

Wrongful death

A truck accident can lead to wrongful death instantly or during treatment of the resulting injuries. Luckily, the victim’s family can seek compensation for wrongful death. Although it doesn’t bring them back, it can help the surviving kins cover the financial cost, pain, and mental agony that comes with losing a loved one.

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