Due to their vulnerability, motorcyclists do not benefit from safety features such as airbags, seat belts, and vehicle frames during accidents. Consequently, a motorcycle accident can be catastrophic for a motorcyclist, and they may suffer long-lasting injuries or worse, death. 

If you sustain injuries or damages in a motorcycle accident, engaging a motorcycle accident attorney to protect your vulnerability and rights is advisable. That said, click here to learn about the common causes of motorcycle accidents.

Junction collisions

According to statistics, junction collisions are the most common cause of motorcycle accidents. They are most likely to occur at T-junctions when motorists fail to give way to motorcyclists. These kinds of accidents are common during rush hours, especially in the morning and evening when more traffic is on the roads. 

The collisions often happen when a vehicle turns right into a junction and rams into an oncoming motorcycle from the rider’s right. Some motorists don’t even spot the bike, while others underestimate its speed.

Failure to negotiate bends

Another contributing factor to motorcycle accidents is misjudging the curve of a bend and overspeeding while approaching a turn. Most of these accidents result when a motorcyclist:

  • Collides with another car because the driver cuts the bend or loses control.
  • Take a left-hand bend that is too wide, colliding with an oncoming vehicle.
  • Loses control during a right-hand bend, crashing into a tree, building, a parked car, or hedge.
  • Wet, icy, or slippery weather conditions.
  • Potholes and faulty maintenance hole cover on the road.

Collisions while overtaking or filtering

Filtering is when a motorcyclist tries to move past stationary cars or slow-moving traffic. Collisions happen in this situation because motorists fail to observe that motorcyclists can maneuver and overtake in ways vehicles cannot, especially in traffic jams. 

Motorists may collide with filtering motorcyclists when they don’t spot them approaching. If you are a rider, it is crucial to judge the distance and speed of the traffic around you to overtake and filter safely.

Road conditions

Poor road conditions are a hazard for all road users, more so motorcyclists, because they don’t have safety features like airbags and big wheels to absorb the shock. Loose gravel, potholes, and chippings can cause a motorcycle accident. Other safety hazards caused by extreme weather include ice, mud, snow, or slipperiness on the road surface. If there are no clear signages to warn road users of possible hazards, the local authority may be liable for traffic accidents.

Over speeding

Overspeeding is a common cause of motorcycle accidents. Many motorcyclists miscalculate the speed when approaching a bend, and when speed is involved, it becomes harder to stop safely during an emergency. In most cases, unqualified and novice motorcyclists are involved in such accidents.

Loss of control

A rider may lose control due to traveling at high speed, impaired riding, and recklessness on the road. Inexperienced riders are also likely to be involved in such accidents because they cannot handle a bike safely and panic when in an unfamiliar situation.

The takeaway

You are entitled to compensation if you are involved in a motorcycle accident that was not your fault.

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