Branson Leisure Ltd. provides you with a wide range of commercial outdoor park benches to meet all your seating needs. We have supplied benches to various parks and local streets all across the UK including shopping complexes, office complexes, universities, schools, and many other public places. Our products are of high quality and are long-lasting. Our huge inventory has thousands of park benches that can meet your specific needs. We manufacture and retail all the style of benches such as metal benches, buddy benches, wooden benches, concrete benches, backless benches, player’s benches, curved benches, children’s benches and many other custom-made benches. We use materials ranging from hardwood, concrete, and metal to plastic and aluminum. 

Commercial park Garden Benches For Sale are pretty much seen in all parks, alongside streets and roads, in national parks, shopping centers, tourist places, alongside banks, and almost all public places. They are meant to provide a place to sit and relax to elders, pregnant women, children, tourists, etc. we sell commercial benches to outdoor facilities all around the UK. We provide commercial-grade, heavy-duty park benches that can be found anywhere from schools, universities, office parks to shopping malls and plazas to any public place where durable benches are required. 

Installing our top quality commercial outdoor park benches is the best decision one can make to increase the functionality and appeal of any outdoor location. Because these benches will have to be constantly in the touch with the elements of nature, they are prone to a little tear here and there. But don’t worry, at Branson Leisure, we use sturdy and durable material which will require minimum maintenance. 

Wooden commercial park benches: 

Wood delivers a natural and timeless charm to any article it is being made into. Hardwood is solid and sturdy and it is less likely to retain the heat like the other materials. It however requires regular care and maintenance. We provide you with affordable benches made of the beautiful southern pine or you can opt for the lush look of teak. These hardwood benches are crafted to the highest spec from the finest woods. These are delivered fully assembled for your immediate enjoyment. These Park Benches For Sale can be left outside all year round in all weathers and they will require minimum maintenance. These are affordable, sustainable, and long-lasting.

Recycled plastic park benches:

The best quality of recycled plastic is that it is strong, durable, and long-lasting. Our recycled plastic benches are available in all shapes and sizes and attractive color patterns. These benches can easily last for more than 50 years and will require minimum maintenance. These plastic benches are easy to assemble and they are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Metal park and picnic benches:

If you are looking for durable and long-lasting commercial benches, metal is a good option. Metal benches are made from hard-wearing materials like molded iron, steel sheets, laser-cut steel, etc. these provide durability and can be painted in various colors. They also are less susceptible to environmental components and are easy to clean and maintain. These benches are available in various designs and are easy to assemble.

At Branson Leisure Ltd. we take pride in being a trusted manufacturer and supplier of commercial park benches and other street furniture. With our expert knowledge and commitment to our products, we help you select the top-quality street furniture. You can contact us on our website our get in touch through email for further assistance. Our customer service will get in touch with you to help you select the furniture of your dreams.

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