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Commemorate a Pet with Diamond Art



You love your pet so much and want to do something that shows them and others how special the pet is to you. One way to do that is to memorialize your pet in a painting. Even better would be to create a diamond painting of your beloved pet.

This is a DIY craft that uses small sparkling gemstones known as drills. That’s what the diamonds are called, and these are placed individually or in sets of two or more onto a canvas. They stick into small slots and create a colorful, sparkly picture when completed. Imagine how beautiful a picture of your pet will look in this style.

There is a really cool new trend sweeping across the US and the world known as custom diamond painting. This is a service that is offered only by select online diamond art retailers, and it provide diamond paintings on demand. That means that you can pick the picture you want for your canvas instead of choosing from a preselected library of art. You can use your own picture to make a beautiful diamond art masterpiece.

This works by uploading a personal picture, and you can choose a picture of your beloved pet to commemorate the pet and show a picture of your dear friend off to everyone. Some people keep a picture of their pet in their wallet, but this goes a step beyond that and gives you a magnificent representation of your pet made out of shimmering diamond drills.

This is a project you can do on your own, spending hours putting together a canvas of diamond gems that from a picture of your pet in brilliant detail. The picture you uploaded to the diamond art site will be revealed on the canvas when you are done placing the diamonds. This is a style of art that is covered in detail by diamond art experts with their video tutorials on YouTube.

People are buying custom diamond art of their pets to memorialize a pet that has passed away or to show their love for their favorite dog or cat. The custom art can be a portrait or an action shot, and some people will create colorful designs using Photoshop first and then upload the edited picture. They might create a fantastic background or add in ornate designs to their picture, to make it really stand out and to give it a colorful look.

People can order their custom art from sites like Diamond Painting House or Heartfuldiamonds and they should keep in mind that this kind of service is not offered by every diamond art retailer. Only select retailers offer the ability to upload and print out custom pictures to make into a diamond art canvas. You might find this service offered on Ebay as well, although, from my experience, it is better to go for an established website. The good news is that this service usually does not cost anything extra beyond the regular price of a diamond art kit or canvas.

Each canvas that the customer orders will come with everything necessary to create the art. That would include the diamonds or drills, the canvas, a diamond pen, and a sorting tray, as well as adhesive to stick the diamond drills.

This is an excellent way to show your love for your pet, and you can even hang your canvas when it is completed. Many people will place their completed diamond painting canvas on a wall to showcase the art and to decorate their home. There are few better ways to show how much you love your pet than to commemorate them through art. This is something special that will be with you for many years to come, and you will have that unforgettable experience of making the art piece by piece.

The diamond drills will stay stuck in the painting even when the canvas is hung, but some people put a laminate or adhesive over the drills to keep them firmly in place, just as a precautionary measure. If you really like how the picture turned out and love the finished canvas and its sparkling look, you can always order another one. These make great gifts for people who have pets, giving them a craft they will enjoy making and a timeless treasure that commemorates a pet they love.

Even if they don’t do this hobby already, this may be a good gift to get them started don it and to help them find a new interest. The canvases can be ordered in different sizes as well, to accommodate where it might be hung to give someone either a short or long art project.

Diamond art painting is a very creative way for someone to demonstrate their love for their pet. Through custom art, they can have a picture of their beloved pet turned into a masterwork, something that looks stunningly beautiful when brought to life as a completed project. Imagine the hours of fun that you or a friend will have with this kind of art project. It will be something to be cherished for a lifetime.

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Staging ‘Moments’: Janna Watson on Abstract art, Rugs, and Cats




Staging 'Moments': Janna Watson on Abstract art, Rugs, and Cats

When Canadian abstract artist and rug designer Janna Watson starts the creative process, her strokes of paint take centre stage, so to say, and her compositions become theatrical displays of multi-colour waves woven in thick and thin contrasts against solid-colour backdrops. Colour is the main protagonist in the pigment-filled narrative, or ‘moments’, as Watson likes to call it. This narrative is merely facilitated, or ‘staged’ by Watson, and gradually expands into its own meaning. 

Janna Watson (37) lives and works in Toronto, where she also runs her rug studio, Studio Watson. Established as an abstract painter with an Honours Degree in Painting and Drawing from Ontario College of Art and Design, her compositions have traveled across Canada and the United States. She’s held over thirty solo exhibitions, over thirty-five group exhibitions, and has sixteen collections in numerous public spaces in Toronto, Vancouver, New York, and Calgary. 

Some of Watson’s notable public collections include her 11-foot painting for the lobby in Aura, one of Toronto’s tallest skyscrapers, Saks Fifth Avenue, the Ritz-Carlton, TD Bank, Microsoft, Soho Metropolitan Hotel, ONi ONE, Hudson Bay NYC, and CIBC among others. Additionally, Watson’s paintings have international reach and exposure at various art fairs like Art Toronto, CONTEXT Art Miami, and the Seattle Art Fair. 

Staging Moments in Abstraction and Textiles

Janna follows the colourful footstep-laden path left by her grandfather, Arthur Bonnett, who was a landscape and abstract painter, who studied at the Pratt Institute in New York, as well as a rug designer. He used to give Janna painting lessons and instilled the essence of wildness in her as an artist and designer, she explains, ‘once he sent me out to the back field of his farm where his home studio was and told me to go draw the essence of a tree. When I came back with my sketch he critiqued by saying, ‘It was okay, but it needed to be wilder’.  

Watson’s inspiration comes from the wildness in ‘objects and moments’ and is almost palpable when viewing her paintings, which are equal inspirations echoed in her hand-tufted and hand-knotted rugs, manufactured for her by Ifrah Ansari, who operates a weaving mill in India – these rugs can be found in Studio Watson, where they are designed and created with unique colours and patterns.  

Studio Watson also segues into stylish cat condos, each with its own scratch pad with tailored textiles chosen and created by Janna Watson.  As a cat lover, and in honour of the loss of her own cat, Baby, Watson wanted to produce cat scratchers covered in more aesthetically pleasing textiles and not the ‘horrible, gross, beige industrial carpet’ found on so many mass produced cat scratchers, while still being practical for cats’ needs. Studio Watson sources non-toxic, cat-friendly and durable materials and accepts orders for custom-made cat condos, additionally, cat scratchers are sold through Studio Watson’s online shop. 

As a contemporary abstract artist, Janna Watson’s, almost otherworldly, compositions play alongside (and outside) the lines of other artists she admires, namely, Joan Mitchell, an American second generation Abstract Expressionist, considered a primary female artist in the early 1950s, and Wanda Koop, an interdisciplinary artist currently based in Canada. Many avid art lovers will sense the reverberating notes from forefathers of Abstract Expressionism (Wassily Kandinsky, Willem de Kooning, and Jackson Pollock among others) strung by Watson’s own wild brush strokes. 

Latest Works and Events

Janna Watson is currently working on a latest commission for home developers, Aspac, and recently completed a rug for the lobby in the Drake Hotel, Toronto (renovations set for completion by Autumn 2021), and a hand-knotted rug based on one of Watson’s paintings for the boardroom of the Hyatt Hotel. 
Additionally, Watson is also showing a solo exhibition in the Bau-Xi Gallery in Vancouver, titled ‘Finding Joy’, which is inspired by her niece’s (Joy) wild spirit and spontaneous nature, an essence Watson explains as the key to creating moments in her painting practise, escaping from and returning to reality, ‘my work is about constantly ‘becoming’ and capturing moments of energy’. Her current and past works can be viewed on her Instagram page (@jannawww), Facebook page, and website.

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One Stop Shop for All Your Pet Needs!




One Stop Shop for All Your Pet Needs!

Having pets at home can be a wonderful feeling. Pets are those creatures who give us immense joy and happiness just by being present. But when you have a pet, you know you have to take care of them to ensure that they live a healthy and happy life. You would not want your furry little feline to fall sick by eating unhealthy food, would you?

Whether it is a dog, cat, fish or bird, you must provide your pet with proper care. However, it can be a struggle for you to find pet supplies like good food, proper grooming essentials and other important pet stuff. Not all pet stores offer the best pet essentials that you are looking for. So what is one way to get the finest products for your pets? Well, you can get pet products from Peto Cart, the one stop shop for everything your pet needs.

Peto Cart is an online pet store that offers you a variety of pet food and pet supplies that you cannot find elsewhere. From branded pet food to branded pet grooming products, you can get your hands on some of the best deals for pet products from this pet shop online.

Peto Cart offers pet food and supplies for various pets that includes dogs, cats, fishes, birds, reptiles and even small pets.

Peto Cart for Dogs & Cats

Your dogs or cats possess the ability to enlighten your mood no matter how upset you might be. Their energy is infectious and to keep them as energetic and lively as they are, you certainly have to provide them with the best pet care. Here are the products that you can find on Peto Cart for your furry friends.

·        Food for Dogs & Cats

Peto Cart has all types of dog and cat food in store for you. Whether your furry pet loves munching on some dry food, or loves savory wet food, you will find it here. You can get pet food from brands like Greenies, Blue Buffalo, Victor and Weruva.

·        Grooming Essentials for Dogs & Cats

Since grooming is essential for your pet, there are ample products that you will find at this online pet store. Peto Cart has a variety of products for your pet like special shampoo, flea repellent spray, grooming brush and paw & nose moisturizer for your dog. You can also find fragrances and nail polish for your pet at Peto Cart.

·        Supplies for Dogs & Cats

Peto Cart offers a wide range of dog and cat supplies right from bedding to toy boxes to store your pet’s toys. There is a variety of dog den, heating dog houses, pet gate, cat scratch posts and more. You can also find brilliant dog collars and food bowls for your furry friends.

Peto Cart for Birds

Birds require as much care as dogs and cats do. Peto Cart offers a diverse range of bird supplies that is definitely going to keep your winged friend happy. Here’s a list of bird products that you can get from the pet shop online.

·        Food for Birds

Birds require different types of food that provides them with proper vitamins and nutrients that they require. This includes different types of legumes, nuts and fruit diet. Peto cart has a collection of pet and wild bird food from well-known brands like Goldenfeast, Zupreem and Wild Harvest.

·        Supplies for Birds

Peto Cart offers a choice of amazing bird supplies for any and every type of bird. You will find an array of bird nests like grass nest, finch pagoda nest and wood roof nest for different birds. Other bird supplies available at Peto Cart include mesh seed catcher, window feeder, thread catcher, bird bath and bird perches.

Peto Cart for Other Pets

At Peto Cart, you can find an assortment of pet food for your dearest pets. Cleaning supplies for birds, fishes, cats and dogs are also available at the online pet store. Additionally, Peto Cart also offers medical supplies like bandages for dogs, water treatment for fishes and oral care essentials for cats and dogs.

All in all, you can easily say that Peto Cart is the best online pet store that has everything in store for you. So the next time you worry about buying food and supplies for your pets, just log on to the website and shop happily for your dearest pets.

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Things to do with your pet when you on a Vacationṣ



The pandemic is still a matter of concern for most part of the world but there exist different corners in the world that have been successful in reporting zero COVID-19 cases. Whereas the entire world is busy dealing with the pandemic, many of us have already taken a good vacation compensating for all the time that we spent at our place due to work from home while some are planning to take a vacation from their daily boring life.

For those who are planning to take a vacation, there are few things you need to keep in mind especially those who have pets back at home. Most people avoid going on vacations because they don’t want to leave their pets behind.

According to a research, the global pet sitting market size was valued at USD 2.6 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 8.7% from 2020 to 2027.

So, here we are with a few interesting suggestions that will help you plan your vacation without getting worried about your pet.

Leave Your Pet at Your Home

This is a common suggestion for people who are planning to leave their pets at home while they are on the vacation. Apart from that, there are a few other ways including, hiring a pet sitter, neighbor looking after your pet but when it comes to current times, everyone is busy with their work at their place. So, what are the alternatives?

1. Professional Pet Sitter

Hiring a professional pet sitter can be costly at times but are usually very dependable (if reviews are properly checked) if they actually know how to take care of animals. An additional skill of Pet First Aid Training can also be expected from the professional pet sitters.

2. Neighbour, Friend or Family Member

The cheapest option available to you is by asking your neighbor or a friend living nearby to visit your pet more often than a paid professional. Getting an automatic water fountain or food dispenser for your pet will make the job for the sitter a little easier.

3. House Sitter

It might not be acceptable or rather comfortable for many to keep a house sitter entirely because they might have access to your personal belongings. Since they are professionals, they will be able to give the desired care to your pets. Pets will also be getting constant supervision and attention alongside your house care.

For those residing in Australia, check out House Sitting Australia – it’s one of the largest networks of house-sitters in the country

Leave Your Pet being taken care Outside Your Home

Those who are not comfortable in letting people get access to your home in any way, then you can arrange good care outside your home. Most suggestions remain the same as leaving your pet back at your home but having your pet taken care of outside your home will further allow them constant attention and care and also companionship in some.

1. Professional Pet Sitter

Usually, pet sitters who take care of pets in their own home already have a few pets staying with them, thus, it provides companionship to your pet. These professionals are well aware of the risks of bringing a new animal into their home and are skilled to look after and care for them.

2. Neighbour, Friend or Family Member

This still remains the cheapest option available and also the best option if your pet is familiar to the people and their home. Plus, if that close individual already has pets, it further provides companionship to your pet.

3. Kennel, Boarding Facility or Pet Hotel

Professional services like a kennel, boarding facility, or pet hotel are well knowledgeable about animals and how to look after them. These services are well equipped with facilities and staff who are skilled to give good care and attention to your pet.

4. Local Vet

Leaving your pet to the local veterinarian is one of the safest options if the other alternatives are not feasible to you. Also, if your pet has medical issues or if their health concerns you a lot then this is the ideal option for you.

Give Your Pet a vacation

The last available option is to carry your pet along with you to the vacation if you are traveling by your own private vehicle. Different countries have different border requirements for pets if you are entering a new country, so make sure you keep a check on that. Proof of vaccinations and a certificate of good health from a veterinarian are a must.

So, these are the best feasible options available for all the pet owners planning a vacation. Hope, now your pet care concern will not stop you from going on a vacation.

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Tips For Pet Caring in the COVID-19 Pandemic



What’s COVID-19?

COVID-19 is a human breathing ailment that becomes,s, to begin with, determined in late 2019. This viral contamination is due to SARS-CoV-2, a brand new coronavirus that has no longer formerly been diagnosed. 

There are many special coronaviruses, which cause an extensive kind of sickness. In people, coronavirus causes common bloodlessness. Coronaviruses also are liable for diarrhea in younger dogs and feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) in cats. even though all coronaviruses are associated, they may be now not all equal viruses. For instance, SARS-CoV-2 can not reason FIP and vice versa. In this season you should opt for in-home pet care services to take better care of your pet. 

How is COVID-19 unfold?

Coronaviruses unfold from person to character in several distinct methods. Presently, the maximum common methods of unfolding are concept to be:

breathing droplets: when inflamed people cough or sneeze, they shed fluid droplets that contain the virus. If you are within 6 ft (2 meters) of an inflamed individual, you can settle the virus in this manner.

Infected surfaces: The virus may be able to live on surfaces for hours or maybe days. in case you touch an infected surface and then touch your face, you can come to be inflamed.

therefore, the simplest matters that you could do to prevent infection are to keep away from close touch with others (a concept referred to as “social distancing”), restrict your contact with potentially contaminated surfaces, and wash your palms frequently.

Does COVID-19 spread from human beings to animals, or from animals to humans?

There are confined proof to suggest that people could infect their pets with COVID-19 or that pets develop infection resulting from this virus. Moreover, there is no evidence that pets are capable of spreading this virus to human beings. however, it is viable that the virus should stay on a pet’s skin or fur for a short time frame, as it does on human fingers or different surfaces.

What are the risks to puppy sitters at some point of the COVID-19 pandemic?

As your pet-sitting clients limit their journey if you want to practice social distancing, you may find that you are faced with fewer puppy-sitting jobs. However, a few pet-sitting clients can also nevertheless want puppy-sitters if they’re running lengthy shifts, traveling to take care of a member of the family, or hospitalized for medical care, you can also opt for in-home pet care services to take care of your pet properly. 

It is vital to limit your in-man or woman to touch with clients. If feasible, do a maximum of your customer verbal exchange through phone or e-mail. in case you must meet with a purchaser in character, attempt to preserve a distance of as a minimum of 6 toes at some stage in a communique to limit the risk of viral spread. 

whilst you input consumer homes to care for pets, try and limit your contact with doubtlessly infected objects. Even though we are nonetheless mastering approximately this new coronavirus, it seems to remain infectious on a few surfaces for several days. if you touch an infected floor (like a doorknob or counter) after which contact your face, you may probably be inflamed with the virus. further to surfaces and gadgets within the domestic, there’s some subject that pets’ coats could doubtlessly come to be contaminated with coronavirus if an owner coughs or sneezes on them.

Don’t forget, you aren’t simply responsible for shielding your personal health, but also the health of your network, consisting of your other puppy sitting clients. we are all on this collectively. Even if you are at an enormously low hazard of significant complications related to COVID-19, you want to minimize the threat that you may unfold the virus to others.

What specific steps can pet sitters take to decrease the risks related to COVID-19?

for you to minimize hazards to yourself and others, use warning when interacting with customers and while touching anything that could be contaminated.

Keep in mind the subsequent:

Restriction how frequently you contact doorknobs, countertops, pet resources, etc. on your customers’ homes.

Wash your arms frequently, for at least 20 seconds, and rinse for 10 seconds. Hand sanitizer also can be used, if you do now not have to get entry to cleaning soap and water.

avoid touching your face. in case you need to do so, wash your arms very well first and alternatively after.

Restriction closes private touch with consumer pets. as an example, keep away from kissing pets on the pinnacle or letting them lick your face.

while you stroll dogs, hold a distance of 6 toes (2 meters) from other people. look for quiet, uncrowded routes, so that you can decrease interactions with others.

If you will be staying in the home whilst pet sitting, make certain which you positioned smooth sheets at the mattress and punctiliously sanitize the components of the house that you may be the use of (specifically the kitchen and restroom). Try this at each the beginning and end of your life.

How do pet sitters speak with their customers for the duration of this time?

communicate along with your customers regularly throughout this pandemic. Having facts approximately your customers’ health assists you to keep away from taking needless dangers.

Ask your clients to notify you if:

Absolutely everyone in the home has proven respiration symptoms or fever every person inside the domestic has been in contact with someone identified with COVID-19

all and sundry inside the domestic has a high threat of occupational exposure to COVID-19 (for example, an emergency room medical doctor)

Everybody inside the domestic (or their near contacts) has a record of worldwide travel (together with to the USA or Canada).

Remember the fact that you aren’t simply looking to defend yourself; you also are defensive of your other customers and different humans you’re in contact with.

If a customer has respiration signs or has been exposed to COVID-19, you need to expect that they may be already infected. Take appropriate measures to shield yourself and your other puppy-sitting customers. contact your local health department to determine a way to proceed.

“If a purchaser has respiratory symptoms or has been uncovered to COVID-19, you ought to expect that they are already inflamed.”

customers at a high chance of occupational exposure additionally deserve unique consideration. They may be infected and lose the virus, even without displaying medical symptoms. consequently, you could need to go to their homes later within the day, to limit the risk of sporting virus for your other customers’ houses.

Subsequently, if you develop any signs of COVID-19, along with cough, fever, and/or shortness of breath, you must stay home. Create a backup plan for this situation now, earlier than you turn out to be ill, so you can fast update your clients and make sure that client pets acquire suitable care. Hope this article helped you get complete knowledge about pet care during this pandemic, you can also opt for in-home pet care services so that you can provide the best care to your loved one. 

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Where to Find the Best Vet Near Me?




Where to Find the Best Vet Near Me?

Pets are beloved family members and, like their humans, occasionally require medical help for illness, injury, or well-patient preventative care. It’s good to be proactive in creating a health care plan for your pet.  This plan revolves around who you will trust as a partner in your pet’s care.

Choosing a Veterinarian

The veterinarian you choose to support your pet is essential, so you’ll want to give it serious consideration.  Please don’t wait until your pet has a health crisis or injury to seek medical care.  Instead, choose a practice, and begin to build rapport and a relationship with them now.

You can start with an internet search for vets in your area.  Peruse their websites, read their reviews, ask about them, call them with your questions, or schedule an in-person interview with them to get the information you need to make the right decision.

When and Where Will Your Vet Be Available to You?

You might start by answering the question, “Where do I find the best vet near me?” While geography is only one of many questions to consider, it’s an important one because if your pet needs medical care, you’ll want to be able to access that care as quickly as possible.

As you shop around for the best vets and practices, be sure to ask for their regular hours of operation as well as their protocols for after hours, nights, weekends, and holidays.  Like human children, your pets won’t always get sick or hurt during business hours, so it’s vital to know how to get assistance if you need your vet outside office hours. 

What Does the Veterinarian Specialize In?

This might sound like a silly question.  Veterinarians are animal doctors, so they specialize in animals, right?  Of course.  But if your pet is a tarantula, snake, turtle, hamster, or kitten, you won’t want to choose a livestock vet to care for them.

Like human doctors, vets have areas of specialization too.  Some animal doctors are general practitioners and care for a wide variety of pets. In contrast, others have much more narrow areas of focus and might deal with only one species or even specific breeds.

You can search for this information on the practice’s website or app but don’t be afraid to call and ask any questions you have.

What About Experience and Credentials?

You’ll want to learn about the background, training, and experience of vets you are considering.  You might not care so much if the vet is a rookie with a brand new practice, so long as the training and experience are enough to establish trust.

Ask about licenses, certifications, affiliations, and overall philosophy or approach to pets and medicine.  Not only do you want to choose someone properly trained and credentialed, but it’s also crucial that their views and values align with yours.

Recommendations and Reviews

Don’t be shy about doing research.  Ask trusted friends and family members that are pet owners to share any input they have about the service and care they’ve received from their vets.  Look for reviews for any vet you are considering to see what patients of that clinic have to say about their experiences.

Non-Traditional Veterinarian Care

Feel confident exploring non-traditional veterinarian care for your pet.  For example, look into telehealth platforms for your pet’s medical needs.  While you might find a local practice you feel comfortable with, what if you’re traveling and your pet needs attention?  Or what if you live in an area without easy access to a good vet?

Just like you can now use apps to have a video conference medical check-up for yourself with a top-notch physician, the same services are available for your pets.  Do your research, download the app you feel best about, and rest in knowing you’ll have support when and where you need it.

Proactive Pet Care

Your pet counts on you to provide the very best care and quality of life, and part of that is in making sure that medical needs are met.  Doing your due diligence in proactively making a health care plan for your pet will assure you that you’re prepared for whatever comes.

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