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College Freshman Packing Checklist When Living in the Dorm

When you’ve enrolled in a college or university, it’s time to prepare to check off a college dorm checklist of what you need to have in your dorm or other living quarters while at college. This Dorm Essentials blog covers our recommended college packing list. Remember to check ahead of time with your housing and roommate to ensure you don’t bring duplicates of larger items, or items that may be prohibited. Our Dorm Essentials college packing list includes:

  • Kitchen Essentials
  • Sleeping Essentials
  • Housekeeping Essentials
  • Bathroom Essentials
  • Living Essentials
  • Living Essentials (Consumables)
  • Essential Electronics
  • Room Accessories
  • School Essentials

These essentials will help you understand what you should think about buying for yourself when moving into a new place to live. You can buy these items at your local stores, or order them online and have them shipped directly to where you will be living so that you don’t need to bring a significant number of items on your way to the new living location.

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