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Cold-pressed Castor Oil: The Hottest Addition to Health & Beauty

Castor oil – one of the oldest oils known for its odd taste is a pool of benefits. Surprised? Let’s dive into it.

Health and beauty are the two biggest concerns for any human being and they leave no stone unturned to keep both in the best condition. From raiding the kitchen for home remedies to experimenting with new products, people are on a constant lookout for things that can help maintain their health and enhance their beauty. 

With people switching to natural products more, many organic products have emerged in the past few years claiming to be pure in composition but the truth is that when a food item undergoes a filtering process, some sort of chemical or solvents are added in order to preserve them which affects the nutritional value of the product. The best example of such a food item is – Oil. 

The market is flooded with various types of oil – refined, cold-pressed, hot-pressed, unrefined, extra-virgin, and what not? And with health concerns, we often get confused about which one to choose. Well to clear that cloud of confusion we give you one simple answer – Cold pressed. 

Why is cold-pressed considered good?

Cold-pressed means cold-drawn or virgin oil which is extracted without any heat or chemicals naturally by crushing oilseeds at room temperature. Kachi Ghani which you might be hearing a lot lately is nothing but cold-pressed oil which was named after the long cylindrical instrument known as ‘Ghani’ that was used to extract oil from oilseeds in olden times, has now become a trend. Oil extracted using such a method retains the nutrients and flavor in the oil, unlike other methods where most of them are lost due to chemical solvents and heat hence, has achieved the fame of being the healthiest variant of oil. 

Now, coming to the point, among all such cold-pressed oils like coconut, groundnut, sunflower, sesame, castor is one such oil that despite being used thousands of years; is often left behind due to its odor, taste, and stickiness. Well, fasten your seatbelt because the benefits of cold-pressed castor oil that we are going to mention below may knock you down. Ready?

Unbelievable benefits of cold-pressed castor oil.

The highest quality cold-pressed organic castor oil is packed with vitamin E, omega 6 and 9 fatty acids, and a host of other minerals and nutrients that make it an incredible addition to the health, beauty, and skincare routine. So here’s how and why you must add it to your daily routine. 

Hydrate your skin, hairs & nails

Flaky, dehydrated, rough skin? Lock the moisture of your skin with the goodness of castor oil. Rich in ricinoleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid that acts as humectants, holds the moisturizing property, and hence applying castor oil to any dry patches of your body will help seal the moisture and keep your skin hydrated. 

The same applies to your hair and nails. Dryness of the scalp leads to hair fall, dandruff, itching, etc. while nails become brittle and peel off easily, therefore using castor oil to gently massage your scalp and nails will keep them nourished. Since it’s thick; you can mix it with other skin-friendly oils like almond, olive, and coconut oil to make an ultra-hydrating moisturizer and enjoy the results like healthy; shiny hair growth, hair fall reduction, nourished eyebrows and eyelashes, clean scalp, strong nails, soft skin, etc. 

Treat acne, dark spots, blackheads

Pure castor oil is a boon to the skin as it wards off all that irritates or makes one worry when it appears on the skin like acne, dark spots, blackheads, scars, etc. Castor oil is very skin-friendly as it works wonders on all skin conditions like magic. 

Massaging your face or the affected area in your body with organic castor oil will cleanse your skin of spots and marks, remove blackheads, treat pus-filled pimples or large and painful skin bumps, reduce skin inflammation, lighten pregnancy scars and even prevent the breakout of frequent acne. The antimicrobial properties and omega-3 fatty acids in castor oil make it the best remedy for skin issues. All you have to do is wash your face with warm water and then, gently massage the whole face or other affected area with a few drops of cold-pressed castor oil and keep it dry for at least 45 minutes. 

Fight greying and aging

Grey hair, wrinkles, all these are meant to happen during old age, but with increasing pollution and dietary changes, people aged between 25-35 have started hiding under scarfs, hoods, etc. due to premature greying of hair and wrinkled faces. Well, a few drops of pure castor oil is all you need to ward off such problems. 

Castor oil is the age-old remedy for both grey hair and wrinkles as, upon application; it penetrates deep into the skin and hydrates it which is the root cause of the majority of problems. Massaging it on hair will promote blood circulation and help your hair root to grow means you can say goodbye to premature greying of hair. While on the face, it boosts the production of collagen which softens and hydrates the skin making it baby-soft. 

Ward off health issues

Castor oil has various medicinal properties which can help prevent or fight several health issues like: 

  • It is an excellent remedy for constipation. It is a natural and powerful laxative that can help clear the bowels by increasing the movement of the muscles that push material through the intestines. 
  • Bacterial or fungal infection? Castor oil is the solution. It has both antibacterial and antifungal properties and thus any infection on scalps like dandruff or scaly red patches or dental issues like plaque overgrowth, swollen gums, root canal contamination, or others can be treated safely using castor oil.  
  • The application of castor oil on a wound can accelerate its healing process because it creates a moist environment that promotes healing and prevents sores from drying out. It also prevents cornification, the buildup of dead skin cells that can delay wound healing and stimulate tissue growth so that a barrier can be formed between the wound and the environment, decreasing the risk of infection.
  • Castor oil’s pain-reducing and anti-inflammatory properties work impressively well upon joint conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and have proven to bring great relief from pain and inflammation compared to other traditional methods. 


Isn’t it surprising that while we are looking for expensive treatments or remedies for health, skin, and beauty, the cheapest yet most effective solution was right in our kitchen all along? Anyways better late than never so without any further delay add this remarkable oil to your daily routine to experience the amazing benefits. Also, please keep in mind that if you want to make the most out of it, purchasing it from certified or trusted castor oil manufacturers only will give you the above said results. So, go for reliable castor oil suppliers like Ambuja Solvex Pvt. Ltd. if you love really care for your health, skin, and beauty.

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