Coiled Tubing

Coiled Tubing: Enhancing Well Intervention

Coiled tubing is a vital tool for well-intervention operations in the oil and gas industry. It offers
numerous benefits and has become an integral part of maintaining and enhancing the
productivity of oil and gas wells. In this article, we will explore the concept of coiled tubing and
how it is used to optimize well-intervention processes.

What is Coiled Tubing?

Coiled tubing is a continuous string of small-diameter tubing wound onto a reel. It is made of
high-strength steel and typically ranges in diameter from 1 to 4.5 inches. The coiled tubing is
spooled onto a large reel, allowing it to be deployed and retrieved from a well without needing
joints or connections.

Advantages of Coiled Tubing

Coiled tubing offers several advantages over conventional methods of good intervention. Some
key benefits include:

● Cost-effectiveness:

Coiled tubing is a great option that can help save money compared to traditional methods. It's
also beneficial because it requires less staff and equipment.

● Versatility:

Coiled tubing can perform a wide range of well intervention operations, such as cleanouts,
acidizing, cementing, and drilling.

● Time-saving:

The continuous length of coiled tubing enables faster deployment and retrieval, reducing
downtime and increasing operational efficiency.

● Reduced environmental impact:

Coiled tubing operations typically have a smaller footprint and generate less waste than
conventional good intervention techniques.

Benefits of Coiled Tubing in Well Intervention

The use of coiled tubing in well intervention operations offers significant advantages, including:

● Efficiency:

Coiled tubing operations are faster and require less rig time than conventional good intervention

● Enhanced Reach:

The long, continuous coiled tubing allows access to greater depths and longer wellbores.

● Real-Time Monitoring:

Coiled tubing can be equipped with sensors and cameras to provide valuable downhole data in
real-time, aiding decision-making during interventions.

● Reduced Formation Damage:

Coiled tubing operations exert lower pressure levels on the formation, minimizing the risk of
damage or formation impairment.

● Safer Operations:

Coiled tubing interventions are generally safer due to reduced manual handling, improved well
control, and better contingency planning.

Uses of Coiled Tubing

Coiled tubing finds extensive use in various applications within the oil and gas industry. Its
flexibility, versatility, and cost-effectiveness make it a valuable tool for good interventions and
other related operations. Here are some common uses of coiled tubing:

● Well, Cleanouts:

Coiled tubing removes obstructions, such as sand, scale, or debris, from the wellbore. It helps
restore optimal production rates by enhancing wellbore connectivity and flow.

● Acidizing:

Coiled tubing delivers acid treatments into the formation to dissolve and remove damage-
causing substances. Acidizing improves reservoir permeability and enhances hydrocarbon flow.
● Fishing Operations: ‘
Coiled tubing is used for fishing operations when equipment or tools are stuck or lost in the
wellbore. It allows for the safe retrieval of stuck items, minimizing the need for costly workover

● Nitrogen and Gas Lift:

Coiled tubing is employed for nitrogen kickoffs, where nitrogen gas is injected to initiate flow in
the well. It is also used in gas lift operations to enhance production rates by lifting fluids to the

● Velocity String Installation:

Coiled tubing is deployed to install velocity strings in horizontal or deviated wells. Velocity
strings control fluid flow, optimize production, and prevent issues like water or gas coning.

● Hydraulic Fracturing Support:

Coiled tubing plays a supportive role in hydraulic fracturing operations. It assists in plug drill
outs, where plugs used to isolate fracturing stages are removed to allow fluid flow and
Coiled tubing continues to be a valuable asset in the oil and gas industry, offering efficient and
effective solutions for a wide range of well intervention and maintenance operations.


Coiled tubing is pivotal in enhancing well-intervention processes in the oil and gas industry. Its
cost-effectiveness, versatility, and time-saving attributes make it a preferred choice for various
well-intervention operations.
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