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A new company CODEANDCOFFEE.NET is keeping its head high with its elevated competency level. This technology company is expanding its product line and has 6 services to offer.

DEV – Whether you are a blogger or an entrepreneur, wishing to launch a website to draw traffic, CODEANDCOFFEE.NET is all set to recommend bespoke web development assistance for the betterment of your site.

Stock Charts – According to them, they are offering the cheapest plug-and-play stock charting API on the market. If you’re a finance blogger, this site adds interactive stock charts and data to your post and is well suited for your use/

WP Dollar Store – WorrdPress plug-ins and themes are going from US$1.00 with free plugins being offered too.

WinPOS – Their point-of-sale (POS) WinPOS solution is one of the most affordable solutions in the market priced at US$50.00. Features include English and Chinese language, has VAT/GST calcuations, barcode scanning support and basic reporting.  

Recruiter – A small, lightweight and affordable SaaS CRM for the recruitment industry. Their software generates leads for you, and provides other use cases such as candidates and jobs; tracking and onboarding; and more!

Classifieds – Moreover, they offer free assistance exclusively for business citation, classifieds and job posting. According to the experts, the new concept and ideas offered by this company will take it to a higher level amongst other start-ups in Singapore.

Kenneth Fam, the Director of this company, has already received appreciation from various clients for meeting their expectations. It has been noticed that the products assured by CODEANDCOFFEE.NET are widely implemented by business owners from different industries.

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